Phillips phans show their support

The votes have been cast and counted, and we'll know later tonight whether Leesburg's Phillip Phillips is the next American Idol.

Many of you stayed up late last night voting by phone and online. Some of you voted hundreds, even thousands of times, and Phillip will get to see that hometown support via satellite tonight.

A week and a half ago Phillips preformed here for the hometown visit. Today many said win or lose, he's done the best he could, and this region is proud and they hope it shows.

The Southwest Georgia Pediatrics office was just like most offices today, excited about tonight's American Idol finale and a little tired from being up late voting.

"A little tired right after lunch but doing better," said RN Greta Winters.

"I actually voted and then fell asleep, woke up about midnight no, about eleven or so and started voting again," said RN Jill Venable.

Remember Tonya Griffin in Coffee County, she voted 2,291 times. Leesa Thompson, she voted 3,358 times for a season total 19,585. At the hospital, doctor's were pressed to move up Kaylee White's C-section so everyone could see Phillips last performance.

"Dr. Altman knew we had a priority and that was to vote for Phillip Phillips so he hurried and got Amelia Carolyn there so he would have an extra voter there last night," said Ellen White a new grandmother.

Just hours old, the infant got a quick lesson in texting. "Yes we've already taught here to text, uh huh so Amelia was, her parents and everybody else," White said.

At Farris Screen printing, they were voting and printing late last night, trying to ensure a win for Phillips and fill the orders.

"We've been shipping these shirts unbelievable, all over the states all the way to Oregon, California, he's got a lot of folks in Tennessee for some reason, Pennsylvania, Indiana, all over the place," Hassan Mohamed said.

They've brought on four new employees and designed a new shirt that declares Phillips the new Boss and on the back, "You don't care, do yaa," symbolizing Phillips desire to stay true to himself. It's got him this far and has his hometown cheering.

"Tonight I hope he gets to see us celebrating him so hopefully that will be a big smile for him," said Lisa Davis of the Lee County Chamber of Commerce.

Showing him win or lose, south Georgia is proud of their idol.

The Chamber has already put in a request for Phillips to be the grand marshal at the Christmas parade. You can bet, win or lose, his schedule after tonight will start filling up fast.

American Idol won't announce how many people voted until tonight's show. Last week they had a season-high 90 million votes for the remaining three contestants.

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