HB 954 protects unborn babies

Published: May. 2, 2012 at 10:32 PM EDT|Updated: May. 5, 2012 at 10:32 PM EDT
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Nearly 30% of American girls become pregnant before their 20th birthday. Wednesday was National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Network of Trust and Girls Incorporated held a community luncheon to work to lower that number.

Some of those pregnant teens turn to abortion, but there is also new law in Georgia that gives additional protection to unborn babies.

Teen pregnancy is a big problem in Georgia, even though birth rates for U.S. teenagers have reached a historic low.

"Family values have probably decreased over the last 50 years, the advent of all kinds of outside influences with students and children have probably contributed to the number of young ladies that we are seeing, unfortunately involved in those situations,"says Kenneth GoseerDougherty County Schools Assistant Superintendent.

Becoming pregnant as a teen can lead to detrimental consequences.

"Teen pregnancy increases, possibly your rate of poverty it increase the risk of dropout, we always want to look for the positive to reduce poverty, to increase graduation rates, to work together to make sure our youth of today have the best life choices and opportunities for success," says Angie BarberNetwork of Trust Director.

Some pregnant teens turn to abortion.

Today, Governor Nathan Deal signed a pro-life bill that will put an end to most abortions in Georgia after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

"You know at 20 weeks, a lot of them are already 20 inches long, that is a foot, if you can imagine the baby is that long already," says David SmithAlpha Pregnancy Center Executive Director.

Fetal development is already quite advanced at 20 weeks, with all organs functioning.

"Psalm 139, the bible says that God knew you before you were born, so in other words as we understand that each person has a personality even before they are born," says Smith.

Pro-life groups say 49% of late-term abortions in Georgia are performed on women who come from other states.

If the bill failed, they worried Georgia would become known as the late term abortion capitol of the South.

The Alpha Pregnancy Center offers many resources to women, including post abortion counseling.

The new law outlawing most late-term abortions takes effect January 1st.

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