Extreme workouts take over the fitness world

In the quest for the perfect body, a new trend is catching on and it's probably unlike any traditional exercise routine you've seen.

Instead of the customary running on a treadmill or peddling on a bicycle, intense muscle exhausting workouts are taking over the fitness world.

"This is the high intensity interval training where I think people get more results, from the strong bursts of energy," says Donette Lewis, YMCA Senior Fitness Associate.

For a long time you could only find extreme fitness programs like this by working with a personal trainer, but nowadays its hard to find a gym that doesn't offer some sort of intense fitness class. And the Albany YMCA is no different.

"These classes are designed to challenge the person, and push them past their norms, with different exercises just to keep it interesting," says Lewis.

April is Xtreme Fitness month at the Albany Area YMCA. The YMCA offers a selection of intense fitness classes, like Boot Camp and X-Boxing.

"It works your entire body, I have definitely shown progress in my strength and endurance," says Steve Dubravcic.

Steve Dubravcic has been coming to the Boot Camp class for several months and says the group setting makes him push himself harder.

"We probably, as individuals, won't push ourselves as hard by ourselves, so you get in a class environment with an instructor and other students in the class, and you tend to push yourself a lot harder," says Dubravcic.

So while running, biking and swimming may still be some people's exercise of choice, it seems the extreme fitness craze is here to stay.

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