Family donates puppy after tragic pet death

After seeing the heartbreaking story of an Albany woman whose puppy died from eating part of a poisonous plant, a family comes forward with a replacement pup.

Patty Calloway's dachshund Ali ate some Sago Palm bulbs and died from liver failure.

She has a brand new dachshund puppy.

Sandy Jarrell and her daughter have been selling Dachshund puppies..and after they saw the heartbreaking story..they decided to stop by today and give the family a little gift from the heart.

Today Patty Callaway's family got a little bigger. That's because Sandy Jarrell and her daughter Cheyenne decided to give her family a gift that would provide the love and companionship they've been missing. "Being pet owners we know how it is to lose's very hard," she said.

Last week, Dr. Steve Whatley had to euthanize Callaway's puppy "Ali" after she chewed a few highly toxic Sago Palm bulbs. She went from vomiting to liver failure in less than a week.

But that painful silence has been restored by this 7 week old bundle of joy..named Zoe. "She  is just so docile and so special we thought..yep..that's the puppy," said Jarrell.

Jarrell caught Callaway's heartbreaking story and her daughter decided they should give the family a puppy from their litter of Dachshunds. "We thought we would give them a puppy and let them have the love back that they had with the other one," said Jarrell.

They are feeling the love already. "I just wanted a cuddly lap dog and this one seems just perfect," said Patty Callaway.

And she just so happens to look a lot like Ali. "I I just feel extremely blessed that this nice family gave us a dog out of the goodness of their heart and I couldn't be more thankful," said Erin Callaway.

While they will never forget Ali and the happy memories she gave the family they have a lot to look forward to.

We want to remind people just how toxic those plants are to both pets and children Veterinarian Steve Whatley says the plant is the most toxic plant he's come across and says if your dog eats it...they will die.

The entire Sago Palm is toxic but the seeds are the most dangerous.


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