Autopsy results released in double murder suicide

A 40 caliber handgun. That's what a Tift County man used to shoot three people and kill himself.

We now have autopsy reports on the victims of that mass shooting early Monday.

43-year old Darrell Ward shot his ex-father in- law in the back, his former mother in law in the head and hand, shot his ex wife several times, then shot himself in the chest.

Tift County coroner Steve Wood says murder suicides are rare in the county but he describes this one as violent and chaotic and says Kayla Peters was lucky to get away.

The mobile home on Innis Road in Omega reflected a night of violence.

"With multiple victims, multiple shots and different parts of the residence it showed a lot of chaos prior to the shooting," said Wood.

Late Sunday night, 43 year old Darrell Ward showed up at his former in laws home with a 40 caliber pistol in hand.

His first target was his former father-in-law. Then, his ex mother in law. "We  found Mr. Peters in the Kitchen with a gunshot wound in the back and we found Mrs. Peters on the living room floor with a gunshot wound to the hand and to the head," said Wood.

Ward didn't immediately shoot his ex wife Kayla and instead held her hostage for several hours. By sun-up, he shot her several times, and thinking she was dead he then shot himself in the chest. "We found Mr. Ward in the bedroom laying on the bed with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest," he said.

Kayla Peters survived and ran to a neighbors house for help. "She was very lucky to get away..normally they don't," he said.

The coroner says nothing was out of place in the home..there was no sign of a struggle..or any other injuries on the bodies..but the time lapse between the killings stands out.

The GBI has not provided a motive behind this tragic shooting but we do know Ward is a convicted rapist and his divorce to Peters had just been finalized earlier this month.

Darrell Ward's funeral is on Friday and Shirley and James Peters will be buried Sunday.

Kayla Peters brother says she hopes to be out of the hospital and able to attend her parents' funeral.

Darrell Dewayne Ward- Albritton-Beaumont Funeral Directors

Visitation: March 29th 6:00pm-8:00pm

Services: March 30- 4:00pm

Interment: Private@

Shirley and James Peters- Bowen-Donaldson Home for Funerals

Visitation- March 31st 6:00pm-8:00pm

Funeral: April 1st at 3:00pm

Burial to follow at Lakeview Baptist Church cemetery in Lenox.