Could GA hunters use silencers?

State lawmakers are considering passing a law that would allow hunters to use sound suppressors on their guns. 
The Senator who sponsored the bill says allowing silencers would keep noise down and stop hunters from disturbing their neighbors.
Silencers are primarily used for hog hunting, but one gun salesman says they will be good for deer too.
"A lot of people consider silencers or suppressors to be something only assassins or bad guys use," said Steven Drew, President of Georgia Loan and Gun. "But, basically it is just a muffler for a gun. It has a lot of benefits. It can help us control the deer population. It won't disturb your neighbors if you have to shoot in a residential area. Other states allow it."

He says there would be a bunch of laws and regulations when buying a suppressor. The bill is currently in the Senate's Natural Resources Committee. 

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