Lowndes dive team recovers Florida man's body

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The legacy of a south Georgia teenager is bringing some peace to a family in Florida.

17-year old James Eunice drowned while duck hunting on January 15th.

Since then his family and friends raised tens of thousands of dollars to buy sophisticated search and rescue and dive equipment.

A team used that equipment last night to recover a Florida man's body.

This may look like a missile but it's actually a sonar device that costs about $27,000. The sonar, dry suits and sophisticated dive equipment were donated by the James Eunice Charity Fund.

"It makes us feel great that were able to give back to the ones who gave so much to us for the 17 day search for James," said John L. Eunice, James Eunice's dad.

The Lowndes County dive team used it Tuesday in Florida to recover a drowning victim's body.

"With the proper equipment the job was done fast," said diver Dave Stone.

When the dive team hit the water at Lake Talquin in Gadsden County, Florida  they were able to recover the body of 34-year old Jimmie Donaldson Jr. in Just 30 minutes.

This is Donaldson's body through the sonar device and these are the divers with flashlights.

When the Gadsen County sheriff said he needed help, nine divers from Lowndes county rushed into action.

"I told him we had some pretty sophisticated equipment and that we had a good dive team," said Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine.

You can see the equipment and dry suits have James Eunice's Wildcat football number 23 on them.

"James' legacy will be alive long after we're gone because of the way he lived, the way he lived and loved everyone," said Tammy Allbritton Eunice, James Eunice's mom.

The divers, the sheriff and the Eunice family are glad the Gadsden County man's family and friends can find closure before Thanksgiving.

The Lowndes County dive team has 24 members.

The Eunice's will also sponsor a blood drive in James' memory December 22 at Crosspointe Church.

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