Four arrested in shooting outside Monroe High School

Four men have been arrested for firing a shot in front of Monroe High School Friday just as school was letting out. School Police say the shooters are gang members.

Investigators say 21 year old Desmond Muff fired the shot. 19 year old Lentavious Morgan was the gun owner and the driver of the car the four were in. 21 year old Akeem Hines and 19 year William Davis are all charged with aggravated assault.

School Police say the four drove up and down Lippitt Drive past the school several times, when they stopped and started to argue with several students.

Dougherty County School Police Assistant Chief J.C. Phillips said "They got surrounded, out numbered is what it is. So to kind of fend them off is whey they fired the round."

Two hours after the shooting the four were arrested on Colquitt Avenue, where Investigators found the gun and marijuana. Police say the four suspects are members of the Southside Bloods, but and gang charges are pending as the investigation continues.

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