Kids can now color Osama Bin Laden being shot

In black and white, kids can now color the bullet that killed Osama Bin Laden. "It may show Bin Laden being shot, but he's the bad guy," said Father Jimmy Hall.

The coloring book is rated PG. And the name of it is "We Shall Never Forget".

Does a coloring book do justice to the day almost 3,000 people died? "NO," said Mom Tasha Reed.

"When your kids have kids, wouldn't you want them to know?," said Hall.

The answer wasn't in black or white according to some. "If your child was going to color something ,looks like it would be more positive," said Grandmother Vanessa Pierce.

"I do believe they need to know, what our country went through," Hall said.

Kids have the option to color when the plane hit the building. Or take a crayon to shade in the bloody wounds of survivors. "To give them a coloring book to me ,would be just glorifying the acts," said Pierce.

"For them to learn about the towers is important, because it's a part of history," said Mom Norma Miranda.

According to author N. Wayne Bell, A part of that history includes Muslim extremist, holding the Koran in one hand, and machine guns in another.

"What makes this awful is that, it's being told to kids in a way, they don't understand," said Imam Abdul Akail.

Book publisher "Really Big Coloring Books" printed 10,000 books. So far they've already sold out.

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