Leslie man takes 12 foot gator on Lake Blackshear

Published: Sep. 14, 2011 at 7:57 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 19, 2011 at 3:03 PM EDT
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A South Georgia man hit the jackpot on his first alligator hunt, taking a 12 foot monster gator in Lake Blackshear early Wednesday morning.

Alligator hunters talk about catching a 12 footer when they go hunting.  It's one of those big fish dreams. But Peanut Trull of Leslie came back with one, even though it was quite a long fight to land him.

This is no croc.  This giant gator weighs 650 pounds. Rangers and employees with the Department of Natural Resources all came to see Peanut Trull's gator, one of the biggest they have seen.

Trull said "This is the first gator I ever got, and I'm proud of him."

About 1:00AM, Trull and his girlfriend were hunting on Lake Blackshear along with alligator hunting guide David Law. This is video we shot alligator hunting with Law last year in his specially prepared boat.

They were in Sawdust Slough in a popular part of Lake Blackshear. Law said "One slough down, you see people skiing and riding jet ski's all the time."

Trull was ready when he saw the gator duck under the water. "We flipped the lights on in the front of the boat, and he was laying on the bottom. And I came around and shot him with the cross bow right back here."

That started a long four hour fight with the gator, first to get him up and tied alongside the boat, still alive, but he was just too big to pull into the boat.  Which was OK with Trull's girlfriend.

"She was hollering 'Don't put that thing in the boat with me!'" Trull said.

They towed the gator to shore, where Trull and Law had another long fight to tie him onto the boat trailer.

Law said, "We tied him down what we thought was good enough. It wasn't good enough. He would go to kicking and break everything that we tied him to. Break the tape. Pull the ropes loose. It took us two and a half hours to get him tied down like this."

Now Trull will tan the giant hide and mount the head. "I'm going to have him mounted with it open like this. I'm going to set it right there. I got trophy deer on the wall and I'm going to have a trophy gator on the wall with it."

Trull's girlfriend also won one of the state's lottery licenses to hunt an alligator, so he will return to Lake Blackshear to hunt with her soon.

Peanut, who works at Fox Creek Plantation, is going to skin and treat the gator hide himself. Law, who takes friends alligator hunting in his boat, will be on the Chattahoochee River Wednesday night with another hunter.

DNR experts estimate the gator is probably about 45 years old.  Alligator season in Georgia started September 3rd, and ends October 2nd.

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