3D technology comes to classrooms

Published: Jul. 19, 2011 at 9:41 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 25, 2011 at 2:26 PM EDT
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You can watch 3D movies and play 3D games, but now there is a company bringing 3D technology to the classroom.

The president of ViziTech USA came to Albany Tuesday, to show off the latest technology in learning.

Today's generation spends an average of seven hours per day looking at either a television, computer, or smart phone screen.

Which is why the president of ViziTech USA is calling today's youth the three screen generation.

And he says in order to get the attention of the three screen generation, the company developed the power of 3D entertainment into an educational tool.

[CG :NameJay SmithGeorgia Power Area Manager]

Stewart Rodeheaver is hoping to change the future of education.

After getting out of the military he started a company called ViziTech to do just that.

"What we do is we created 3D classrooms and 3D content for schools, businesses," says Stewart Rodeheaver, president of ViziTech USA.

They began teaching for the military and it expanded from there.

"Soldiers would go home and tell their families that they dissected a tank in 3D that day and I started getting calls from the families saying 'I'm a biology teacher what can you do for me'," says Rodeheaver.

He says the more 3D technology is used to teach students, the higher their learning rate is.

"We have studies now that show we can raise test scores by as much as 30% per class room," says Rodeheaver.

And Jay Smith of the Dougherty Rotary Club says after seeing the presentation he understands why 3D technology is so effective.

"You are seeing it on the screen the way you would see it in real life," says Jay Smith, Georgia Power Area Manager.

He says it makes more of an impression seeing the 3D images rather than just seeing flat pictures out of a text book.

"It was like you could reach in there and see what was going on," says Smith.

No matter where the student is located in the classroom, they feel as if the image is right in front of their face, which gives each student their own learning experience.

All you need is the 3D glasses.

"We want to help teachers maintain the focus of the students and increase potential so that we turn out students that are more ready to be realistic people in the business world," says Rodeheaver.

And he hopes the learning factor of experience based education through 3D technology will achieve that.

ViziTech USA has been selling these 3D systems in Georgia for six months already, to tech schools in Moultrie and Cordele.

They have even created a 3D math library that is directly based off of the CRCT.

Schools are able to pick and choose which 3D libraries they want.

An average school package would include the machine, twenty-five 3D glasses, 3D projector, and math, science, and interactive libraries.

That package sells for about $12,000.

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