Viewpoint: Backing up the Declaration of Independence

We are about to enter a holiday weekend. We'll be celebrating the Fourth of July, as we commemorate the birth of our nation, in 1776.

The Declaration of Independence was signed on that date, and told King George of England that the colonies were breaking away from British rule, to start their own nation.

But what good was that document without the force to back it up? At the time, Britain was the world's super-power, and the King wasn't about to take this lying down.

So the common citizens of the Colonial, with a little help from the French Navy, defeated that super-power, to allow our nation to exist.

If they had lost, that Declaration of Independence would have been worthless. Except that all the men who signed it would have been executed by the Crown as traitors.

So-- this all brings us back to another reason to remember the sacrifices of America's military. We could not have become a country then, and we wouldn't be free now... without them.

So this Fourth of July, grill a hot dog, wave the flag, celebrate your freedom, and salute someone in uniform. They-- and the warriors who came before them-- are the people who made it all possible.

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