Judge's wife changes her story

Published: Jun. 6, 2011 at 8:40 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 13, 2011 at 10:48 PM EDT
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Vester Weaver wouldn't answer our questions as to why she changed her story.
Vester Weaver wouldn't answer our questions as to why she changed her story.

The wife of Albany Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver, Vester, now claims her husband never assaulted her, and Monday she asked the state to drop the criminal charges and the stay away order against her husband.

The GBI charged Judge Weaver with aggravated assault after his wife claimed he hit her with a beer bottle last month.

At a news conference at her church, Vester Weaver wouldn't answer our questions, as to why she changed her story. She simply made the statement and walked away from the podium, but the state may not honor her request.

Mrs. Weaver had some strong words for the state with friends and members of her church behind her. "My husband did not hit me, nor has he ever hit me," she said.

That goes against the Albany Police Domestic Violence Report on the incident that happened at Albany Police Captains Mack Green's house in May that says Weaver caused superficial injuries to his wife Vester and also made threats and used abusive language. Vester Weaver also wants the stay away order as part of his bond dropped.

"I never requested this order and I wish to have this order removed so that my husband and I can live together and take care of our children that we are raising together," Mrs. Weaver said.

The church also stood behind the Weavers.

"Judge Weaver will treat you with respect," said Hope Center Pastor Loretta Boges. "Unfortunately there are many who are in positions of power in this community who does not like that. Those people who will not like that have come against Judge Weaver and we have seen that wrath over the last few days."

"But she continues to find herself fearful and distrustful of the media and some law enforcement agencies and personnel,"  said Weaver's Pastor, Rev. James Bush.

Domestic violence officials weren't surprised at the request.

"There's a whole long list of reasons why someone would recant in this particular situation," said Liberty House Exec. Director Silke Deeley.

They say that's why the state is responsible for filing the charges and whether Mrs. Weaver wants charges to go forward or not may not be for her to say. They also worry what message it sends to the community.

"When we have people rallying behind something that is a crime then you have to wonder about what is this community thinking," Deeley said.

They'll watch closely to see what kind of legal outcome this case may have.

On Friday, the Albany City Commission granted Judge Weaver a paid leave of absence for at least 90 days. Weaver also sits on the bench in Sylvester. Their city commission is expected to discuss his situation there tonight at their meeting.

According to the police incident report from the alleged assault in May, Mrs. Weaver said she had issued between one and five complaints of previous abuse.

Monday, she said there had been no earlier reports of abuse.