Reservoirs could take S. GA water

Flint Riverkeeper Chairman Paul DeLoach
Flint Riverkeeper Chairman Paul DeLoach

The Chairman of the Board for the Flint Riverkeeper says a new law making it easier to build reservoirs could harm South Georgia's water supply in order to provide water for metro Atlanta.

Monday, Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill allowing private developers to invest in building reservoirs.

Flint Riverkeeper Chairman Paul DeLoach says those developers could make millions of dollars and hoard water for Metro Atlanta area without regard for the ecosystem or the people south of Atlanta.

"All of our rivers basins are basically under threat by metro Atlanta. The reservoir bill just gives them the tools," said DeLoach.

Flint Riverkeeper says metro Atlanta needs to focus more on conservation methods to stop water waste.

A few years ago, an environmental group named the Flint River the second most endangered river in the country because of proposals to build dams on the river and its tributaries.