School Board rules on breastfeeding measure

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Breast feeding is now officially banned in Dougherty County schools.

The school board unanimously approved a policy Monday night that prohibits breast feeding by employees and students.

The policy does direct schools to set up private areas where breast feeding mothers can pump their breasts and store their milk.

Health care workers urged the board to allow breast feeding during non-instructional time.

The Superintendent says the board reviewed all sides before making a decision.

"As a board, and as a superintendent of schools, we looked at this and said they can expel milk. They can save that and then take it home. We just want to make sure that education in schools is designed for it's supposed to be. That's basically it. When we looked at the resolutions and the policies - they're all in point. All of the discussion brought forth, even by the medical field, we tried to look at those to make sure everyone was taken care of and our schools were taken care of," said Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree.

Dr. Murfree says it won't cost anything to set up breast pumping areas.

The issue came up when a teacher asked if her baby could be brought to school so she could breast feed, and school system leaders realized they had no policy

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