Viewpoint: Cut educations costs carefully

The state of Georgia is having a hard time meeting its budget just like the rest of us during difficult economic times.

Those with the purse strings, our state legislators, are looking to cut again in the area of higher education.  We agree that spending at Georgia's colleges and universities has to be cut.

But what line items to be cut is the real question.  

Higher education in Georgia has pretty much had its way when it came to spending.  Now it's different.   We call on state lawmakers to look close.

Those writing their own budgets may tend to protect their budgets in ways which may not be the best for students.

State Representatives and State Senators... it's time to earn your own pay.  Study the proposals, work hard and make the cuts to areas we can do without.

Protect the education of our future leaders---the students--- before you protect the pet projects in the colleges and universities that have little or nothing to do with educating our students.