My Senior

  My Senior: Alex Bell

Our senior of the day once again comes from Southland Academy's baseball team. Alex Bell has helped led the Raiders for the past four years.

  My Senior: Micah Jones

  My Senior: Jaylen Jones

  My Senior: Savana Bradford

  My Senior: Hurston Waldrep

My Senior: Ivey Evans

  My Senior: Anna Lee Lockart

Continued Coverage

  My Senior: Gethyn Ellerson

  My Senior: Maylon Cochran

  My Senior: Colby Gann

  My Senior: Owen Taylor

  My Senior: Ross West

  My Senior: Garrett Gainous

  My Senior: Kelsey Patel

Kelsey Patel has been a crucial part of the Packers softball team.

  My Senior: Bryce Hancock

Our Senior of the day comes from Tift County.Bryce Hancock has been a part of the Blue Devils Football and Tennis teams.But recently, he got the opportunity to enjoy a sport he loves.

  My Senior: Levi Warren

Our Senior of the day comes from Westwood once again. Levi Warren fell in love with Archery ever since he gave it a try in 5th grade.Since then, he’s molded himself into a spot-on Marksman, and for the past few years he’s helped lead the way for the Mitchell County 4-H Archery team.

  My Senior: Cole Pollock

Our Senior of the day comes from Westwood. Cole Pollock has been lighting it up in the GISA.For the past 3 years, Cole has found 3 straight All-Region honors, 3 All-State honors and 3 state titles on the Tennis court.

  My Senior: Lance Martinez

  My Senior: Thomas Roberts

  My Senior: Doug Curles

My Senior: Rebecca Jinwright

My Senior: Michael Grimsley

  My Senior: Colby Hancock

My Senior: Kirby Perry

Our Senior of the Day comes from Americus-Sumter.Kirby Perry has been a member of the Tennis team since 7th grade.In that time, she’s collected an extensive collection of awards for both off and on the court.

  My Senior: Antonio Allen Jr.

Our Senior of the Day comes from Westover High School.Antonio Allen Jr. has helped the Patriots Tennis team for the last few years.This past season, Antonio took home the Region Player of the Year and has helped the Patriots find two playoff berths.

  My Senior: Anna Grace Scholten

Our Senior of the Day comes from Coffee High School.Anna Grace Scholten has done her part for helping the Trojans.

  My Senior: Toby Stripling

Our Senior of the Day comes from Crisp County.Toby Stripling has been helping the Cougars baseball team for the past couple years.

  My Senior: Madison Willis

Our Senior of the Day comes from Colquitt County.Madison Willis has been playing golf since she was 7 years old.And since then, she’s helped lead the Packers to two straight region titles.

  My Senior: Gregory Lacoste

Our Senior of the Day comes from Coffee High School.Gregory Lacoste was known for his time on the mat, but also helped the Trojans baseball team.

  My Senior: Hadley Holt

It’s that time again where we highlight a South Georgia spring sport senior.

  My Senior: Seth Nelson

Lee County’s baseball team defied the odds last year and found the Elite Eight, despite being the 4th seed.This season, they were hoping to prove themselves once again.

My Senior: Cason King

Once again, we find ourselves shining the spotlight on another Worth County Ram.This time, it’s Cason King.

  My Senior: Garret Sloan

Sloan has been playing this beautiful game since he was 4-years-old.

  My Senior: Jaylee Williams

Jaylee Williams has been a part of the Colquitt County gymnastics team since 10th grade but has been a part of USGA for the past seven years.

  My Senior: Reece Watson

Baseball has been a part of Reece’s life ever since he was 5-years-old.