Health System Unites Under One Brand: One Name. One Vision. One Archbold.

Archbold Medical Center
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Sponsored - Thomasville, Georgia–After 98 years of operation, Archbold Medical Center is bringing together its network of four hospitals, 13 physician practices and other healthcare facilities across South Georgia under one trusted name–Archbold.

This summer, the health system will launch a brand refresh that aims to unify its diverse range of healthcare locations with updated names and a new logo that more clearly connects them together as Archbold. The goal? To create a sense of unity and a stronger, cohesive health system that is prepared for the future of healthcare.

Though the initiative involves many visible elements, it’s important to note the brand refresh does not involve changes to ownership, local operations, or management. The health system will maintain its current ownership with decision-making responsibilities governed by its dedicated Board of Trustees who live and work in the local community.

“We are excited about bringing all of our locations under one name,” says Darcy Craven, Archbold President and CEO. “The Archbold brand refresh also signifies a unified front in our renewed mission to provide safe, innovative, and compassionate care for our communities.”

Archbold Medical Center

Headquartered in Thomasville, the private, not-for-profit health system operates over 40 locations throughout South Georgia. The first phase of the brand refresh involves name changes for many Archbold facilities and a refreshed logo, which will be unveiled on signage beginning in the coming weeks.

“Regardless of where you live in South Georgia, we want you to recognize the Archbold name and trust that we’re here for you whenever you need us,” said Craven. “We want patients to know Archbold is providing the same high level innovative, exceptional care wherever you are.”

“Though our signage will look a little different to the community, our patients will continue to see the same doctors and healthcare providers they have grown to love and trust over the years,” said Kristopher Palmer, DO, FACOI, CHCQM, Archbold’s acting Chief Medical Officer. “The newly unified Archbold brand simply reassures patients throughout the region that their local doctors and facilities are connected to Archbold’s expansive network of world-class clinical experts and state-of-the-art medical technologies.”

According to Archbold leadership, creating a unified brand and cohesive health system is just one of the ways Archbold is preparing for the future.

“From primary care to specialized treatments, Archbold is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to meet the ever-evolving healthcare needs of our community at every stage of life,” said Craven. “Our refreshed branding and renewed vision and mission are the first steps we’re taking to prepare our entire health system for the future. Healthcare is changing, and to provide the best care for our patients, we must do things differently, too. That’s ultimately why we’ve come together as one Archbold, a stronger, unified health system with a shared purpose. Together, we’re a stronger health system. Together, we can serve our patients better. Together, we can build a healthier South Georgia. And it’s really exciting to think about our future and what we’ll accomplish as one Archbold.”

What To Expect

In most cases, Archbold will be featured on new signs to help patients and visitors with wayfinding and to become familiar with the refreshed brand. Below is a list of name changes that will be effective throughout the Archbold system as of July 1, 2023.

For more information on the Archbold brand refresh initiatives, visit

Archbold Medical Center



Archbold Medical Center*


John D Archbold Memorial Hospital*

Archbold Memorial

Brooks County Hospital

Archbold Brooks

Grady General Hospital

Archbold Grady

Mitchell County Hospital

Archbold Mitchell

Adrian and Jessie Archbold Ambulatory Care Center

Archbold Ambulatory Care

Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center**

Archbold Cancer Center

Archbold Corporate Care Center

Archbold Corporate Care

ENT & Allergy Center

Archbold ENT & Allergy

Archbold Gastroenterology Group

Archbold Gastroenterology

Archbold HomeCare Services

Archbold HomeCare

Hospice of Southwest Georgia

Archbold Hospice

Mitchell Convalescent Center

Archbold Living—Camilla

Pelham Parkway Nursing Home

Archbold Living—Pelham

Grady General Hospital Nursing Home

Archbold Living—Cairo

Glenn-Mor Nursing Home

Archbold Living—Thomasville

Archbold Neurology Associates
Archbold Neurosurgery Services

Archbold Neurology/Neurosurgery

Archbold Northside Center for Behavioral and Psychiatric Care

Archbold Northside

Camilla Pediatric Center

Archbold Pediatrics—Camilla

Cairo Internal Medicine

Archbold Primary Care—Cairo

Medical Group of Mitchell County

Archbold Primary Care—Camilla

Archbold Pelham Primary Care Clinic

Archbold Primary Care—Pelham

Archbold Primary Care

Archbold Primary Care—Thomasville

Archbold Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Services

Archbold Pulmonology

Archbold Bainbridge Specialty Clinic

Archbold Specialty Clinic—Bainbridge

Archbold Grady Specialty Clinic

Archbold Specialty Clinic—Cairo

Archbold Brooks Specialty Clinic

Archbold Specialty Clinic—Quitman

Archbold Mitchell Specialty Clinic

Archbold Specialty Clinic—Camilla

South Georgia Surgical Associates

Archbold South Georgia Surgical

Advanced Therapy and Sports Medicine

Archbold Therapy and Sports Medicine

MCH Outpatient Physical Therapy

Archbold Therapy—Camilla

Urology Associates of Archbold

Archbold Urology

*Legal entity name remains but will be known broadly as the refreshed trade name.

**”Lewis Hall Singletary” will remain prominently featured on the sign and inside the facility.

The table above is not a comprehensive list of all Archbold locations. For a complete list of our facilities, please visit

Archbold Medical Center
Archbold Medical Center