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Safe and Sound with Tesia Reed

What is ‘Safe and Sound?’

“Safe and Sound” is a weekly segment geared towards safety and protection in today’s modern world.

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Safe and Sound stories

  Safe and Sound: The dangers of Vaping

Health organizations are again alerting Americans about the possible dangers of e-cigarettes, after a sixth person has died.

Safe and Sound: ‘Operation Southern Shield’ to crack down on speeders once again

This initiative will run from July 15-21.

  Safe and Sound: Actors come to Albany for PSA to end gun violence, suicide

As a way to combat violence and suicide, the child stars from “The Bernie Mac Show” came to Albany and put together a PSA.

  Safe and Sound: National Infant Immunization Week

Immunizations drastically reduced infant deaths and disability caused by vaccine-preventable diseases in the U.S.

  Safe and Sound: Call 811 before you dig

April is safe digging month and whether the project is large or small you need to call 811 before you dig.

  Safe and Sound: Elder abuse victims’ rights

This year alone, more than 300 people in Dougherty County have become a victim of some sort of crime.

  Safe and Sound: Fishing safety

The spring weather has a lot of fishers excited to reel in a big catch.

  Safe and Sound: Tornado shelters for natural disasters

Some people say investing in tornado shelters is a good way to keep your family safe.

Safe and Sound: Dangers of e-cigs for teens

The Food and Drug Administration is taking some more steps to keep e-cigarettes away from teenagers.

  Safe and Sound: Preteen Vaccine Awareness Week

March 11-15 is Preteen Vaccine Awareness Week and the Georgia Department of Public Health is spreading the message to parents and students

  Safe and Sound: Heart health

Heart disease is the number one killer in men and women.

  Safe and Sound: Avoiding card skimmers

While doing everyday tasks like getting gas or money out of the ATM, a hacker can find a way to steal your information in seconds.

  Safe and Sound: Safety at the ATM

Whether you are grabbing cash or depositing money, you should be aware of your surroundings when going to the ATM.

  Safe and Sound: Purchasing flood insurance even if you’re not in a designated flood zone

Insurance agents say floods are the nation’s most common and costly natural disasters.

  Safe and Sound: Testing your private water well for bacteria

Unlike public water systems that are tested daily, private water wells are only tested when the system owner requests it.

  Safe and Sound: Removing a child’s coat in a car seat

A warning for parents, especially with the cold weather, is to be careful when putting your child in a car seat with their winter coats on.t

  Safe and Sound: Preventing tax fraud

With tax season quickly approaching, there’s several things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of tax fraud.

What is ‘Safe and Sound?’

“Safe and Sound” is a weekly segment geared towards safety and protection in today’s modern world.