65th Anniversary

  Behind the scenes of WALB’s 65th Anniversary

WALB is celebrating 65 years of serving Southwest Georgia. Take a look behind the scenes with the team that works hard to bring you quality, local news.

  Editing technology changes over the years for WALB

  ‘I’ve built a career out of this’

  ‘I’m grateful to the viewers for giving me the opportunity to work in television news for 35 years’

  Through the lens: Sam Smith recalls time as WALB’s first news photographer

WALB viewers say WALB weather app keeps them informed

  From many stories to one: Ruthie Garner travels and shares family’s battle with cancer

Continued Coverage

From one impactful job to another: Ben Roberts recalls career as long-time WALB anchor

  Cynthia Hunkley talks about classic WALB show ‘Town and Country’

  ‘I learned it and I got it’

  John White reflects on his time as WALB’s first black anchor

  Editorial: Celebrating 65 years of WALB

WALB Memories: Share yours with us

Slideshow: WALB through the years 2000-present

Scroll through photos we have complied over the years in the gallery below.

Slideshow: WALB through the years: 1980-1999

In honor of our upcoming anniversary, we are taking a look back in time.

Slideshow: WALB through the years, 1954-1979

In honor of our upcoming anniversary, we are taking a look back in time.

  Joking comment turned reality as WALB camera lands on display in Smithsonian

A piece of WALB is in one of the word’s largest museums.

65 years strong: A history of WALB-TV