WALB Election 2018 First Alert

District 13 special election

 Georgia Senate candidate: Kelly Loeffler

Loeffler credits her “blue-collar upbringing in the heart of rural America” for her appreciation of hard work.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Doug Collins

He has represented Georgia’s 27th State House District, and since 2013, he has been U.S. Representative for Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Kandiss Taylor

As a Republican, Taylor said she prides herself on being a Christian, a mother and an educator.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Richard Winfield

Winfield’s campaign platform focuses on upholding social rights, protecting constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, as well as expanding access and reducing the cost of healthcare.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Brian Slowinski

If elected, Slowinski plans to enact more oversight for Congress and oust what he believes are corrupt politicians who use their positions for personal gain.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Valencia Stovall

Stovall prides herself on standing firm in her beliefs during adversity.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Derrick Grayson

Grayson touts himself as an unapologetic constitutionalist.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Ed Tarver

After serving as U.S. Army Field Artillery Officer, the Augusta native worked on local and state levels before President Barack Obama appointed him as the U.S. Attorney for Southern District of Georgia.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Annette Jackson

Jackson’s main goals for the office include cleaning up rural communities, re-establishing the “gold standard,” and putting people to work helping people.

 Georgia Senate candidate: Al Bartell

If elected to the U.S. Senate, he promises to bring bipartisan leadership to Congress, and in turn, put Georgia back in the forefront of Washington.

 Georgia Senate candidate: John Fortuin

One of the biggest platforms in Fortuin’s campaign is the immediate implementation of a Green New Deal to put the economy on track for net-zero carbon output within the next five years.