WALB Election 2018 First Alert

District 13 special election

 Former Leesburg Mayor Jim Quinn runs for Senate District 13 seat

“The session will already be going by the time we get up there but it’s economic development, its growth to South Georgia, education, health care its all the key topics."

Business owner, farmer Carden Summers hopes for Senate seat win

“We need to work on our tax position. We need to get our fair share from Atlanta. We need to quit sending unfunded mandates down on the county level making people have to pay for things that just come from Atlanta.”
District 13 special election

 Business owner Michael Revell hopes to bring change to Leesburg as next mayor

“Being involved in the community. I went to a board meeting and saw our council meeting and saw how that was set up and wasn’t impressed and thought instead of complaining about that what can I do to be a part of the solution? And so that’s where we’re at now.”

 Former Leesburg councilman Billy Breeden vying for mayor’s seat

“We’ve been putting out signs and haven’t quite started knocking on doors yet but we’ve been putting out and calling people we know and asking them can we put a sign in their yard.”