Interactive Media

Interactive: Tracking 2020 homicide cases in Dougherty Co.

So far, only one homicide has happened in Dougherty County for 2020.

Interactive: Tracking coronavirus cases in Ga.

There have been a number of positive coronavirus cases in Georgia.

Interactive Timelines

The Janiyah Brooks Case: A timeline of events

Janiyah Brooks, 3, lost her life from injuries in a “heinous” child abuse case, according to the Albany Police Department.

The Tara Grinstead Case: A timeline of events in the case

Tara Grinstead, a teacher at Irwin County High School, disappeared in October 2005 after attending an event in Ocilla. After the missing person case was filed, community members came together to search for her for weeks. Through the years, her family hasn’t given up hope, and officials have continuo

The Kendrick Johnson Case: A timeline of events in the case

Kendrick Johnson, 17, was found dead in a mat at Lowndes High School in 2013. The circumstances of his death have been a source of conjecture, gossip, allegations and lawsuits ever since. WALB has compiled a timeline of events since Johnson’s reported death.

The Jeffrey Peacock Case: A timeline of events in the case

Jeffrey Peacock was arrested and charged in connection to five deaths and arson in Colquitt County in May 2016.

The Deanna Shirey Case: A timeline of events in the case

Deanna Shirey, 70, was reported missing in early July. After a more than 10 day search, her body was found. WALB has compiled a timeline of events in this case.

Losing Our Crap: A timeline of Albany sewage spills

In 2018, Albany has had several sewage spills, the majority of which have leaked into the Flint River. WALB has compiled each sewer spill and events that have followed.

Hospital Hangup: A timeline of the proposed Lee Co. hospital

It was announced in June of 2016 that the site of the Grand Island Golf Club would be transformed into a hospital. Lee County commissioners have fought, and are still fighting, to make this medical center a reality.

The Hackle Sibling, Bobbielynn Moore Case: A timeline of events in the case

Ronnie “Wayne” Hackle, Mercedes Hackle and Bobbielynn Moore were reported missing in March 2019. A few days later, their bodies were found in Berrien and Atkinson counties.

Interactive Maps and Graphics

Interactive: Tracking 2019 homicide cases in Dougherty Co.

WALB has compiled an interactive map to track the homicide cases in Dougherty County for 2019.

Interactive: Map of 2019 Albany armed robberies

WALB’s digital team has compiled on online map detailing the different armed robberies that have happened so far in 2019.

 Interactive: Brothers Corner Store shootings since 2015

WALB’s digital team has compiled an interactive map detailing the three shootings.

Interactive: Neighborhood Grocery robbery, burglary incidents

Since May, a number of burglaries and robberies have happened at Neighborhood Grocery, 716 Johnson Rd.

Interactive: Georgia Milestones 2018-19 test scores

The test scores are in for South Georgia.

Interactive: The connections in the Alex Mixon Case

WALB has compiled an interactive map to show how all the suspects in the case are connected.

Interactive: Meet the District 152 candidates

Meet the four candidates seeking the District 152 seat in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Breaking down the Albany, Dougherty Co. 2019 T-SPLOST

Over the next five years, the additional one-cent sales tax will bring in an additional $80 million that would allow both the City of Albany and Dougherty County to fund transportation upgrades.

Interactive: Tracking fatal wrecks in the WALB viewing area

Over the past five years, a total of 753 fatal wrecks have happened among all the counties in the WALB viewing area.