Restaurant workers out of work again as virus surges anew

Restaurant owners — most of whom underwent shutdowns in the spring and summer — are finding the new round of closings challenging as colder weather sets in.

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

  Keep the mask: A vaccine won’t end the US crisis right away

  COVID-19 reality: A skeptic’s story

  International flyers may soon need to get coronavirus vaccinations

  Millions stick to Thanksgiving travel plans despite warnings

  Federal prisons to prioritize staff to receive virus vaccine

  South Health District shares tips to celebrate Thanksgiving safely during pandemic

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  GSP encourages safe driving during Thanksgiving holiday travel time

  COVID protocols in place for 2021 Snickers Marathon

  3rd major COVID-19 vaccine shown to be effective and cheaper

  Shops, gyms to reopen in England under new COVID-19 plan

  Pandemic has taken a bite out of seafood trade, consumption

  Regal owner Cineworld secures financial help until hoped-for reopening

  Military steps in to help in El Paso hospitals amid devastating COVID-19 surge

With El Paso hospitals and ICUs over capacity since last month due to one of the worst COVID-19 surges in the country, three Air Force medical teams have spent the past two weeks deployed to aid in the fight.

  First US immunizations for COVID-19 could arrive on Dec. 12

The head of the U.S. effort to produce a coronavirus vaccine says the first immunizations could happen on Dec. 12.

Macy’s flagship store honors essential workers with holiday window displays

The display for this challenging year - with the theme "Give, Love and Believe" - honors frontline workers who have performed so heroically during the pandemic.

  Wrong text strangers hold mini Thanksgiving to honor loved one who died from COVID-19

An Arizona grandmother and her grandson by choice have celebrated Thanksgiving together since they met through an accidental text message in 2016.

  FDA allows emergency use of antibody drug Trump received

  Many GOP lawmakers shrug off Statehouse mask-wearing rules

  Tenn. woman delivers baby while hospitalized with COVID-19

  Daily COVID-19 deaths in US reach highest level since May

  What does emergency use of a COVID-19 vaccine mean?

  Student heading home for the holiday? Get a virus test, colleges say

GRAPHS: Tracking Phoebe’s COVID-19 numbers

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is releasing its COVID-19 numbers.

Phoebe releases latest COVID-19 numbers

Phoebe Putney Health System has seen almost 1,400 patients recover from COVID-19 as the holiday season approaches amid the pandemic.

WATCH LIVE: Dougherty Co. leaders hold Friday COVID-19 press conference

Dougherty County leaders are addressing the latest developments on COVID-19.

  Health experts clash over use of certain drugs for COVID-19

Health officials around the world disagree on the use certain drugs for COVID-19, leading to different treatment options for patients depending on where they live.

  St. Jude scientists make breakthrough and discover possible COVID-19 treatment

Scientists at St. Jude may have figured out how COVID-19 kills, and more importantly, how to stop it.

Tyson suspends Iowa plant managers amid virus betting claim

At the time of the alleged betting, Tyson was resisting pressure from local officials to shut down the plant as a safety precaution. The company argued the plant, which can process nearly 20,000 hogs per day, was a vital market for farmers and critical to the meat supply.

  EXPLAINER: What’s with the confusion over masks?

A lot of the effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus comes down to a seemingly simple concept: Wearing a mask.

Voices of COVID-19, Episode 11: A pandemic through the eyes of a man who is a pastor, teacher and commissioner

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the strength and resiliency of South Georgia. To recognize that, WALB is bringing you a new podcast called “Voices of COVID-19."

  Sorry, Grinch. Virus won’t stop NORAD from tracking Santa

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has announced that NORAD will track Santa on Dec. 24, just as it has done for 65 years. But there will be some changes.

  Toilet paper limits, empty shelves are back as coronavirus surges

The biggest supply issue seems to be paper products: 21% of shelves that stock paper towels and toilet paper are empty, the highest level in at least a month.

  Texas boy, 4, loses both parents to COVID-19 just months apart

As they mourn, the family is urging others to do their part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus by wearing masks and staying safe.

  Albany doctors report rise in COVID-19 but slim signs of flu

COVID-19 cases are on the rise at one doctor’s office in Albany, but there’s some good news on the fight against this year’s flu.

VSU hosts DeStress Fest to help students with end of semester rush

Valdosta State University (VSU) helped students relieve some stress as the end of the semester nears.

  Pfizer files for authorization on coronavirus vaccine

Last week, the company announced its coronavirus vaccine appeared to be more than 90% effective.

  Volunteers still needed to test variety of COVID-19 vaccines

Multiple vaccines will be needed to meet global demand and help end the pandemic, raising concern that studies that still need to sign up thousands of volunteers could run short if people wait for an already OK’d option instead.

  Navajo Nation locks down for 3 weeks because of coronavirus surge

People can only leave their homes for emergencies or essentials; government offices and businesses must close. Learning moves online.

  Study: Face masks unlikely to hinder lung function during exercise

Researchers said there’s little evidence that wearing a face mask during physical activity significantly impacts lung function or makes any measurable difference for people who are in good health.

  States tightening anti-virus restrictions amid case surge

Between now and June 2022, state and local governments could be facing a shortfall or $400 billion or more by some estimates.

  Pfizer to test COVID-19 vaccine distribution in 4 states

Pfizer is planning to test distribution of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate in four states.

  Walmart to limit number of customers in stores amid coronavirus surge

Walmart has gone back to counting and monitoring how many customers enter and leave its stores.

  Some COVID-positive patients don’t believe virus is real, even as they’re dying, SD nurse says

The nurse says healthcare professionals need help from the public, including mask wearing and social distancing, to improve the situation, which she describes as being like a "horror movie that never ends."

  VSU sees highest enrollment growth in the state

New data shows Valdosta State University (VSU) had the highest increase in enrollment between fall 2019 and fall 2020.

  Cook Co. Schools to close down for 14 days, starting Thursday

Cook County Board of Education decided to shut down all schools for 14 days starting this Thursday.

  2nd coronavirus vaccine shows striking success in US tests

Moderna said its vaccine appears to be 94.5% effective, according to preliminary data from an ongoing study.

  Albany restarting city’s youth basketball program

Youth basketball is set to start back up in the coming weeks.

  Internal email reveals 65 virus cases among WHO Geneva staff

Farah Dakhlallah, a WHO spokeswoman, confirmed the accuracy of the information about the case count in an email to the AP.

  Tokyo Olympic ‘participants’ encouraged to get vaccine

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach says athletes and fans arriving for next year’s postponed Tokyo Games will be encouraged to be vaccinated to protect the Japanese public.

  Here comes Santa Claus - with face masks and plexiglass

Malls are doing all they can to keep Santa and kids safe from the coronavirus, including banning kids from sitting on his knee, completely changing what a Santa visit looks like.

  US cases hit 11M; latest million took 6 days

More than 11 million cases of the coronavirus have now been reported in the United States, with the most recent million coming in less than a week.

Poll workers contract virus, but Election Day link unclear

Despite painstaking efforts to keep election sites safe, some poll workers who came in contact with voters on Election Day have tested positive for the coronavirus, including more than two dozen in Missouri and cases in New York, Iowa, Indiana and Virginia.

  Surging virus cases get a shrug in many Midwestern towns

In part, though, some of those views are hard to fight because of the reality that many people have no symptoms, and most of those who do get sick recover quickly.

  Biden faces tough choice of whether to back virus lockdowns

Joe Biden has devoted most of his public remarks to encouraging Americans to wear a mask and view the coronavirus as a threat that has no regard for political ideology.

  Fewer Americans traveling for Thanksgiving this year

There will be an estimated 10% drop in travel for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

  Oregon, New Mexico order lockdowns as other states resist

Many also continue to resist issuing statewide mask rules.

  Lee Co. schools see drop in COVID-19 cases & quarantines

Dowling said they have no new cases this week.

Toothbrushes, lipstick, contact lenses: What to get rid of if you’re sick with COVID-19

Health experts are weighing in on what you should do with your toothbrush, lipstick, even eye contacts if you have COVID-19.

Kemp extends COVID-19 executive order once again

The order goes into effect Nov. 16 at midnight and extends through Nov. 30.

  Lowndes Co. Health Department holds drive-thru flu shot event

With COVID-19 still spreading across South Georgia, it’s more important now than ever to protect yourself from the flu.

  With COVID-19 surging, schools suspend in-person education

Facing equally grim conditions, school systems around the U.S. and abroad are taking similarly tough action.

Iowa teacher dies 3 days after positive coronavirus test

Jason Englert, 38, was found dead inside his home on Sunday.

Phoebe gives holiday safety tips for celebrating amid pandemic

Phoebe Putney Health System is encouraging safety as the holiday season approaches amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Pfizer prepares for COVID vaccine distribution

The drugmaker said on Monday that its COVID-19 vaccine may be a remarkable 90% effective, based on early and incomplete test results.

  COVID-19 cases hit 1st Caribbean cruise since pandemic

One of the first cruise ships to ply through Caribbean waters since the pandemic began ended its trip early after at least five passengers tested positive for COVID-19, officials said Thursday.

  Microsoft: Russian, North Korean hackers target vaccine work

It said in a blog post Friday that most of the attacks in recent months were unsuccessful, but provided no information on how many succeeded or how serious those breaches were.

  Feds announce COVID-19 vaccine agreement with drug stores

Federal health officials have reached an agreement with pharmacies across the U.S. to distribute free coronavirus vaccines after they are approved and become available to the public.

  Chicago issues new COVID-19 restrictions before Thanksgiving

Chicago has issued new COVID-19 restrictions, including limiting social gatherings to 10 people, in hopes of combating the surge in cases ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

  States ramp up for biggest vaccination effort in US history

The push could begin as early as next month, when federal officials say the first vaccine may be authorized for emergency use and immediately deployed to high-risk groups, such as health care workers.

‘He had a great heart’: 91-year-old Korean War veteran dies of COVID-19

A 91-year-old Korean War veteran and former police officer died from the coronavirus in Minnesota.

  709,000 seek US jobless aid as pandemic escalates

The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment benefits fell last week to 709,000, a still-high level but the lowest figure since March and a sign that the job market might be slowly healing.

  190 Lee Co. School System staff, students quarantined in 2 weeks

Since Oct. 29, there have been nine positive cases of COVID-19 and 190 people have been quarantined within the Lee County School System.

  Face masks also protect wearer from COVID-19, says CDC in updated guidance

Previously, it was believed that mask wearing helped only to prevent infected people from spreading the virus to others.

  Texas tops 1 million cases as COVID-19 surge engulfs the US

The true number of infections is likely higher because many people haven’t been tested, and studies suggest people can be infected and not feel sick.

  Parents concerned over Lanier County Middle School closure due to COVID-19

Lanier County Middle School has closed due to a rise in COVID cases.

  Veterans Day in 2020: quiet parades, somber virtual events amid virus surge

Cemeteries decorated with American flags were silent as well, as many of the traditional ceremonies were canceled. With infections raging again nationwide, several veterans homes are fighting new outbreaks.

Russia says COVID-19 vaccine is 92% effective on early data

The statement, which did not include detailed information about the trial, comes just two days after a similar one from Pfizer Inc.

Cook Co. football game against Fitzgerald canceled

The game will not be rescheduled.

Voices of COVID-19, Episode 10: Wrapping up the Celebrate South Ga. Tour

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the strength and resiliency of South Georgia. To recognize that, WALB is bringing you a new podcast called “Voices of COVID-19."

  Valdosta Fire Department gets new sanitation gear

The Valdosta Fire Department has new equipment that will help with sanitizing the inside of fire trucks and fire stations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.