Lee Co. High football staff: ‘If they aren’t practicing, they’re hydrating’

  Tift Co. leaders work to protect you in dangerous heat

Pediatrician explains how to make transition between summer, school sleep schedule easier on kids

Georgia awarded $18.4M for opioid crisis

  Heatstroke vs. heat exhaustion; knowing the differences

  South GA doctors warn of heat-related illnesses

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Valdosta State University researchers discover new way to treat tuberculosis

  South GA woman treated for legionnaires after visiting Atlanta hotel

  Ribbon-cutting held for SWGA’s first 4-year medical school

  Dougherty Co. community gardening program promotes healthy living

  It’s not too late to get your child vaccinated for school

  How to avoid getting sick as students go back to school

  Albany town hall to highlight summer viruses

The summer is not over and one Albany commissioner wants to remind you of the dangers of the West Nile virus.

  Public Health talks children’s vaccine program

Officials with the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) are speaking out about a special vaccinations program.

Health officials say you should get student vaccines before the back-to-school rush

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) wants to encourage you to beat the rush for back to school.

Get free health screenings this weekend at Tift Regional Medical Center’s Kickoff to Men’s Health event

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, Tift Regional Medical Center is hosting its annual kick-off to men’s health this Saturday.

  ‘Treat it right then, don’t just wait’: South GA parents issue warning after 11-month-old daughter contracts flesh-eating bacteria

  South Georgia Medical Center awarded accreditation

  Lowndes Co. officials want you to be safe in the South GA heat

Company recalls hummus dips due to potential contamination

  How are restaurants scored?

Public Health District urges immunizations before new school year starts

  Phoebe Putney: Social media post could be putting South Georgians in danger

Hospital officials in Albany said a false social media post could put lives at risk this weekend.

  13-year-old stepsisters celebrate remission after battling the same type of cancer

Olivia Barlow and Natalie Harvey have a few things in common. They are both 13, they are stepsisters, and they both have the same type of bone cancer.

  Dept. of Public Health to use $4.5 million to support healthy pregnancies

The Georgia Department of Public Health is planning to use almost $4.5 million over five years to support pregnant women, new mothers and fathers and infants across South Georgia.

  Albany YMCA camp makes eating vegetables fun

We all know most kids do anything they can to avoid eating their greens, but on Friday, they ate them with a smile.

  Southwest Public Health District offers free HIV testing

Dougherty County health officials want to take the stigma away from HIV testing.

South Health District moves to free HIV testing

The Georgia Department of Public Health is planning to continue their initiative to offer free HIV testing year-round.

  Staying safe in the South GA heat

There’s no doubt it’s hot outside in South Georgia and Dougherty County EMS wants to make sure everyone is staying hydrated.

  Phoebe helipad to help transport emergency patients

Currently, Dougherty County EMS has an ambulance that meets the emergency plane at a field.

  Dept. of Public Health offers free HIV tests

The Georgia Department of Public Health is hosting a number of free HIV testing events this month.

  Cook Medical Center nears completion

The new $40 million Cook Medical Center in Adel is now 90 percent complete.

  Health officials want residents to prepare now for mosquito-born illnesses

The South Health District of the Georgia Department of Public Health is speaking out about how you can take early precautions against mosquito-born illnesses.

Southwest Health District urges early precautions against mosquito-borne illnesses

The Southwest Health District is asking citizens to be cautious of mosquito-borne illnesses.

  Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus in Lowndes Co.

Four samples from mosquito pools in the county have tested positive from May 9 to present day.

  Phoebe unveils new cardiac treatment; the first in SWGA to use

Watchman is a device that can help those that are at risk of a stroke because of atrial fibrillation.

  Lee Co. granted more time to build hospital

Lee County Medical Center’s Certificate of Need (CON), filed in February, was resubmitted to the state

Aspire talks mental health in Southwest Georgia

Aspire Behavioral Health & Developmental Disability Services in South Georgia helps residents who may be struggling with a mental health issue.

  Do you know the signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion?

With temperatures flirting with 100 degrees, healthcare providers are warning you to be aware of the signs that could save your life.

  DCSS mental health facility opening planned for 2020

The Dougherty County School System (DCSS) is opening a mental health facility at Albany Middle School.

  6 measles cases reported in GA

More than 700 cases of measles have been reported in 22 states according to the CDC. Six of those are here in Georgia.

  Senior Georgians awarded more than $5.6 million for aging services

Georgia senior citizens just got a big win in the form of more than $5.6 million in funding for aging services.

  Health department encourages infant vaccination

The Lowndes County Health Department is urging everyone to make sure their kids are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Georgia burn center, largest in US, to start $75M expansion

The project will “improve efficiency and overall care” at the Augusta facility, which treats burn patients from across the U.S.

  Safe and Sound: National Infant Immunization Week

Immunizations drastically reduced infant deaths and disability caused by vaccine-preventable diseases in the U.S.

  Groups host Medicaid enrollment drive

Multiple groups in South Georgia are coming together to help people understand and complete the Medicaid enrollment process.

ADPH: Person with measles likely exposed others during 2 stops in AL

The Alabama Department of Health urges action from people who were potentially exposed.

  Is Georgia seeing an outbreak of Hepatitis A?

More than 30 cases have been reported in the last two weeks and the CDC is calling it an outbreak.

Department of Health talks E. Coli outbreak

The Georgia Department of Health wants to make sure you’re protecting yourself against a recent E. coli outbreak.

  SWGA health experts weigh in on measles cases

South Georgia health experts are weighing in on the measles cases confirmed from Michigan to New York.

  Coroner: First flu death in Dougherty Co. happened Saturday

The coroner said this is the first flu death this year for Dougherty County.

  South GA hospital works to stabilize those facing addiction

Clinch Memorial Hospital has a new program for those impacted most by alcohol and drug use.

  Dougherty Co. students see opioid dangers in realistic re-enactment

Dougherty County leaders and first responders put together a theatrical re-enactment awareness event on Wednesday to teach students from all over the county about the dangers of opioids and drug abuse at the Albany Civic Center.

  Amid HIV concerns, Georgia legalizes needle exchanges

Injection drug users will be able to legally swap out used syringes for sterile ones under a bill the governor has signed into law.

  Phoebe focuses on patient experience

It is an exciting time at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital because it has launched a state-of-the-art patient logistics command center.

  Free breast exams happening soon in Tifton

If you think you have symptoms of breast cancer but you don’t have health insurance, the Tift Regional Health system is offering free breast exams for women.

Doctors say pale is the new tan

In an effort to maintain a sun-kissed look, many teens will start using tanning beds. But just one UV tanning session increases the chance of developing melanoma by 20 percent.

Dougherty Co. Health Department to host free health fair

Learning how to keep yourself and your family healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Hepatitis A on the rise in GA

The Dougherty County Department of Health said Hepatitis A is on the rise in Georgia.

  State House gives Kemp’s Medicaid waiver plan final passage

Gov. Brian Kemp could soon have wide leeway in reshaping the state's health care system.

Dougherty Co. Health Department to hold free health fair

A free, family-friendly community health fair will be held at the Dougherty County Health Department in April.

DG infant cough syrup recalled, can cause vomiting and diarrhea

The syrup has the potential to be contaminated with Bacillus cereus/Bacillus circulans.

Senate Committee passes bill legalizing needle exchange

A proposal to legalize programs in Georgia that give drug users clean needles in exchange for used ones is advancing in the state legislature.

More lots of blood pressure medications recalled due to impurity

43 lots in total have been recalled.

  South Georgians urged to monitor kidney health

World Kidney Day is a time to focus on the importance of kidneys and how to avoid kidney failure.

  What you may not know about pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is number four out of the top five deadliest cancers.

  HIV rates remain high in GA

A second person being cured of HIV this week in Great Britain could bring hope to the growing number of people fighting the disease in Southwest Georgia.

Georgia House panel approves anti-abortion ‘Heartbeat’ bill

A Georgia House committee has approved legislation that would outlaw abortion after a fetus' heartbeat can be detected.

Tifton to host Community Care Day this weekend

A day dedicated to helping people get up-to-date on their health is coming to Southwest Georgia.

  Lee Co. Medical Center to bring over 350 new jobs

With those jobs, over $21 million is expected to be paid out in wages, a Georgia Power study found.

Medical marijuana bill passes Georgia House

A bill that would allow the production and sale of low-potency medical marijuana oil in Georgia has been passed by the House.

FDA: Asbestos found in Claire’s cosmetics

The FDA is warning consumers not to use three Claire’s brand cosmetic products after tests found they contained asbestos.

  Have bad breath? You could be making it worse. Here’s how.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, up to 80 million people suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath.

GRAPHIC: FDA warns against using ‘vampire plasma’ to reverse aging

The movement to look and feel younger continues to be big business – but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down.

Georgia state senator weighs in on new needle exchange bill

A new needle exchange bill that would drug users to exchange used needles for clean ones has passed through the Georgia House of Representatives.

Georgia Gov. Kemp’s Medicaid waiver proposal passes Senate

A bill authorizing Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to pursue Medicaid waivers has passed the state Senate.

  Berrien Co. blood drive helps first responders

Volunteers hosted their first Badges for Life blood drive to collect blood for those in need and honor first responders.

Scientists discover how to make immune cells better at killing cancer

Scientists have discovered by fixing a defect in 'killer T cells,' they could actual help the fight against cancer.

High blood pressure medicine recalled due to NDEA impurity

Patients taking this medication are urged to continue taking the medication as the risk of harm to the patient’s health may be higher if the treatment is stopped immediately without any alternative treatment.

Spain is the world’s healthiest country – the U.S. did not make the top 20

The U.S. dropped a spot because of deaths due to drug overdoses.