Marilyn Deutsch

Reporter, Good Day Oregon
Marilyn Deutsch

You can most often see Marilyn Deutsch in her live reports for FOX 12’s Emmy award winning morning show, Good Day Oregon. She starts her workday at 3:30 a.m. On her off days, she likes to sleep in, but feels lazy if she is not out of bed by 5 a.m.

Marilyn’s favorite part of her job is talking to people from different walks of life across the Northwest with a variety of perspectives. She respects and appreciates the people who take the time to talk to her. She says meeting them or covering their events “gives me the opportunity to see things I might never have gotten to experience if I was not a reporter.”

The challenges of reporting are now greater than ever, and while Marilyn admits at times she’s overwhelmed by the stories that need to be told, she also feels it is important to tell them. She is committed to finding a way out of the confusion, even when there is more confusion than clarity.

Marilyn loves to read. She’s a fan of the Maisie Dobbs mysteries, and loves biographies of historical figures. She’s read biographies about the first 34 U.S. presidents, from Washington to Eisenhower, plus a biography of Jefferson Davis, first and only president of the Confederacy. But she is just as intrigued by known and unknown historical figures from Frederick Douglas and the first Black members of Congress during Reconstruction, as well as the narratives of America’s former slaves.

Fun facts: She loves both rock and country music -- absolutely loves the older country stuff: Mother Maybelle and the Carter family, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash... She wishes she’d seen Merle Haggard before he died. She hopes to see the Rolling Stones someday. She finally splurged on tickets in 2020 but then the pandemic shut down the tour. Oh, and if Tina Turner’s has one more concert in her, she wants to be there!

One good thing about the COVID-19 pandemic: Marilyn finally learned to cook. She also found the discipline to work out almost every day. Marilyn practices yoga most days to relieve the stress. Otherwise, she meets friends for outdoor spin sessions and Zumba classes.

Marilyn lives with her husband, Walden, and cat, Cali, who is like her second child. She misses her first child, Gabby, who now lives on the east coast after getting an M.A. in English. Marilyn may miss her, but she couldn’t be prouder of Gabby's accomplishments and resilience.

Marilyn loves hearing from viewers!