Dateability: Dating While Disabled

A new app called “Dateability” aims to remove the stigma surrounding finding love for differently-abled individuals.
Published: Nov. 3, 2023 at 11:17 AM EDT
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DENVER, CO (Ivanhoe Newswire) – In a world where disability is the largest minority, comprising one in four adults in the United States, those with disabilities face not only personal challenges but also discrimination in various aspects of life, including dating. However, a new app called “Dateability” aims to remove the stigma surrounding finding love for differently-abled individuals.

At the age of 14, Jacqueline Child was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, a neurological disorder that brought about a series of health challenges. Chronic pain, fatigue, and the presence of a feeding tube became part of her daily life. Dating with a disability presented its own set of challenges for Jacqueline. She recounts facing hurtful comments and even families advising against dating her due to perceived future difficulties. Jacqueline’s sister, Alexa, a public interest attorney, watched her sister’s self-worth take a hit, observing the toll it took on her – “She would always joke that I could always get a second date and she never could.”

Motivated by their desire to make a positive change, Jacqueline and Alexa developed Dateability, a dating app tailored for individuals with disabilities. Their vision encompasses all disabilities, whether physical, psychiatric, intellectual, or chronic illnesses. The goal is to establish a secure and inclusive platform for meaningful connections.

Individuals like physicist Lowell Morgan, who faces mobility challenges due to a damaged spinal cord, have found hope in Dateability. Lowell appreciates the unique profile descriptors, known as “deets,” which allow users to openly discuss their disabilities. This feature eliminates the need for potentially awkward conversations.

In less than a year, Dateability has garnered over 10,000 users, with a thousand new members joining every month. Dateability prioritizes the safety of its users, implementing measures to guard against bots and scammers. A profile verification process, involving photo submission, is enforced. Additionally, a report and block feature is available on every profile.

While Dateability caters to the needs of the disabled and chronically ill, it welcomes everyone to join. Jacqueline and Alexa’s mission extends beyond profits; their aim is to reshape the social experiences of the world’s largest minority.