Cook Hornets dominate weekly honors

Video from WALB
Published: Nov. 2, 2023 at 9:44 PM EDT
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ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - So much was on the line in week 11 for so many teams. Big plays, special moments, and community support a big reason why week 11 belonged to the Cook High Hornets. Each week the fans vote on play, player, team and coach of the week. let’s just say the buzz was loud for the Hornets this week.

It was the big 2A region matchup with the Hornets and Canes. Cook quarterback Drew Folsom dropped a dime right in the bread basket of Chavious Hobbs for the score. It was one of two touchdown connections for the duo. Both touchdowns put the Hornets in the lead. The connection was voted as the top play and our WALB play of the week.

This week we show some love to a player rarely in the spotlight. Standout Brooks Moore changed the game for Cook against Fitzgerald with his leg. The special teams sophomore flipped field position time and time again pinning Fitzgerald deep, forcing them to drive the length of the field. The Canes were only able to accomplish the feat just once on the night.

“The work I put in for sure and then the technique that I’ve learned over the past two years. It feels great especially when I can pin them deep and make the other team work harder to get down the field,” said Moore.

Moore showed why kicking is a pivotal part of the game and why football remains the ultimate team sport.

A team is a brotherhood brought closer together by adversity to achieve a common goal. It’s no surprise Cook dominated the awards this week and why they are the WALB Team of the week. Controversy and outside noise easily could have been a distraction but instead they strapped on their helmets Friday night and went to work, led by their QB1 Drew Folsom.

“All the hard work we did and put into this season for us to have another chance is big. Just keep reminding them don’t let any of the outside noise get to us just keep doing what we been doing and playing the way we been playing and we’ll be alright,” said Folsom.

The 14-7 win over Fitzgerald earned the Hornets the 2A region title and extended their playoff streak to 23 years. The adversity facing the Hornets may have crippled some teams but because of strong leadership they persevered through it and thrived, largely in part from our coach of the week.

In just his second season Byron Slack has brought a region championship to Adel. This one’s to be proud of given the circumstances he and his team faced this week, and still there’s only one thing Coach wanted to do while all of it was going on.

Coach Slack said, “It’s strange you know it got to a point for me personally last week that’s all I wanted to do that’s all I had the energy to do and I think the way my coaching staff have handled it and I can’t say enough about them too. They’ve done a great job with it keeping the kids focused that’s all we wanted to do that’s all the kids wanted to do that’s all I wanted to do was play some football.”

For the top coach in week 11 he knows he’s in the right place and had a message to the community of supporters of his program.

“Since the day they named me head coach here at Cook I’m sure there are some people that have been treated as good as me that got the job but I don’t think anybody has gotten treated better. I believe the Cook community supported us they supported our team because of how the kids reacted and continued to react and I will speak for them and say that we are grateful and thank everyone out there that’s supporting us.”

Cook has one final test before hosting a home playoff game. They will head to Sylvester for a matchup with Worth County Friday night.