Magnolia Reserve continues to delay VSU student move-in

Students have been moved to hotels and had to find other housing since the fall semester started in August.
Published: Oct. 3, 2023 at 7:40 PM EDT
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Since August, more than 100 Valdosta State University students have been living in their cars and hotels due to the constant delays of Magnolia Reserve, a student housing complex.

“I’m missing work, I’m missing class, and I’m doing all this stuff,” Jennifer Dubious, a Valdosta State University Nursing Student, said. “But by the grace of God, my professors are understanding and I have been catching up at home, but this should not be happening. You knew what you were doing so it’s really no excuse and I’m tired of it.”

Since the September move-in delay, VSU says that a few students have reached out for assistance from the college.

“We have not heard from a large number only a small few but of course, the resources we have available are offered to any student that’s impacted. We understand the situation is at hand and where we can help we will,” Dr. Vince Miller, Valdosta State University vice president of student affairs, said,

Dr. Miller says the university is willing to work with more students to find solutions on an individual basis.

Currently, the university is providing on-campus housing and official absentee notifications if students have to miss class due to housing challenges. However, many of the impacted students are still seeing the effects on their academics.

“It really is affecting me and my schoolwork because they communicate things very last minute. If you have a test due at 11 a.m. and you must move out of the hotel at 11 a.m., then that messes everything up”

“Honestly I have no trust in any of the dates that they give anymore.”

“They should have told us from the jump that it was not going to be ready instead of switching and changing it and saying it’s not ready.”

Valdosta State University students told WALB

The property began construction earlier in 2023 with the anticipation that the project would be completed by July 31. Students have been moved from multiple hotels, staying with friends, or moving back home to avoid dangerous living.

“So, I slept in the car and I had to go to class the next day, so I had to explain my situation to my professors because I had to drive back to Atlanta that same night,” a VSU student said.

Some Valdosta state university students are still awaiting to move into their student housing apartments.

“We are basically homeless, and the accommodations they aren’t for sure and even when they are we have to move a week later, three days later,” another student said.

The property says that they have tried to address ongoing issues for students by providing $200 stipends and no rent charge for tenants who choose to stay with friends or family versus daily hotel accommodations.

“We did have some hiccups where they had to move to hotels but that was just temporary because the hotels we had them staying in they were selling out for the weekend,” Kaila Robinson, Magnolia Reserve Property Manager, said.

Mandeep Singh, Magnolia Reserve Property Owner, said, “We are going to make it happen as soon as possible, if not middle of this week, Friday, or early next week it will happen. Move-in is going to happen soon.”

Magnolia Reserve has anticipated that the move-in day will be Friday, Oct. 7, but students say they do not trust that the date will be fulfilled.