South Georgia Motorsports Park reopens under new management

One of Cook county’s biggest tourist attractions has reopened under new management
Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 5:17 PM EDT
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COOK COINTY, Ga. (WALB) - One of Cook county’s biggest tourist attractions has reopened under new management.

The racetrack South Georgia Motorsports welcomed racers from across the southeast over the weekend.

The new owner Raul Torres says they are investing into south Georgia’s racing culture, and tells WALB more about the new ownership and offerings.

“Well we are very passionate about the sport what happens is a lot of race tracks throughout the country are selling to developers and warehouse districts because they are large pieces of land and over the last couple of years we have a couple hundred race tracks and I wanted that burden to be on my shoulders to we are passionate about racing and been doing it for over thirty years. " says Raul Torres.

Torres tells WALB, he plans to host weekly events. Some of those events could include monster trucks, reopening the round track and adding some new facilities like a mud bogging park. Racers from across the region weighed in on the new management and their hopes for keeping the sport alive.

“I was very interested in the new ownership and someone keeping drag racing available at the grass root level.” said racer Tim Nelson.

Another racer Anthony Nasiello, says “Watching him come into ownership at this beautiful racetrack to have in our backyard is I think it’s amazing this is definitely the place to be.”

According to the president of Adel-Cook County Tourism and Visitors, the track is an economic contributor for cook and surrounding counties.