AAA ranking: Albany has the cheapest gas in the country

Albany the price for regular gas is $3.10 a gallon
Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 5:57 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - According to AAA, Albany has the cheapest gas in the country.

Right now, in Albany, the average price for regular gas is $3.10 a gallon. Many other Georgia cities see prices about 30 cents more a gallon. WALB talked with drivers about those lower prices at the pump.

“Considering Douglasville is over $3.30 so to get here and get to $2.96 that feels really good. I’m probably going to fill up twice before I head back,” said Khutsana Pugh, a Douglasville resident.

Right now, according to AAA, the average price for regular gas in Albany is $3.10. WALB spoke with some drivers who are from outside of the metro Albany area, and they said gas is much more expensive.

“In our last report, we put out the lowest gas prices in the state and the highest. And for some time now, Albany has been the lowest certainly in the state, and really it ranks lower than not many metro areas across the country,” said Garrett Townsend, secondary media contact for AAA.

“I’m saving about 30-40 cents a gallon, and that really helps because I’m on a fixed income. It’s really helpful as much as the rest of the prices are going up. So as long as it stays under $3, I’m good to go,” said Mike Morgans, a Leesburg resident.

We saw a number of motorists from Florida today filling up in Albany. One Albany man says he can see the difference these gas prices have on his business.

“With that many crews going that many places, we fill up literally four or five times a day with a crew that size. The impact is you know can add up to thousands in the course of a week,” said Scott Nichols, a Leesburg resident.

You’ll see these prices across Albany this week, up until the holiday season. If you would like to see a breakdown of prices across the country, you can click here.