Americus senior and adult daycare seeks to give accessible and affordable care

The center is now under new management.
Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 7:07 PM EDT
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AMERICUS, Ga. (WALB) - A senior daycare facility in Americus is now under new management and has undergone recent renovations. Now, they can focus on providing services aimed at improving the lives of seniors and their caregivers.

While people are familiar with the term child daycare, what about senior daycare? At Innovative Senior Solutions, they emphasize how their loved ones can have peace of mind knowing they are getting adequate service.

Lee Wright, the director of operations at Innovative Senior Solutions, saw firsthand the impact of senior care after his grandma’s passing. Now, he can offer residents something his grandma always wanted.

“It started with our grandmother; I must say she didn’t want to go into a nursing home. So, one thing that we promised we would do is keep her safe as long as possible. So that’s where the inspiration started over 20 years ago,” said Lee Wright, director of operations.

Freddie Bedford is an Americus resident, and he tells WALB that since being here at the facility, he has a new outlook on family.

“Family to me means the organizer of peoples’ lives. Because some people don’t have that, you know, family means a whole lot to me. It always has. But I grew up, and I didn’t have a family like you had a family,” Bedford said.

A senior daycare facility in Americus is now under new management and has undergone recent renovations.

Etheleen Holmes has been a personal care assistant for seven years, and she emphasizes the “personal” aspect of her work.

“Fell in love with it because I enjoy the hands-on. I enjoy taking care of the clients, and it’s just like having to take care of your own loved ones. And I would treat them like they were either my mom, my dad or my grandmother. I would give them the same amount of care if they were my loved ones,” said Holmes.

Right behind the Innovative Senior Solutions doors is more than just a daycare, but a legacy that impacts the lives of seniors and their loved ones.

“We try to make sure that they have the best time that they could possibly have here, at a level they can enjoy,” said Etheleen Holmes, personal care assistant.

The daycare offers different payment plans for their services, as well as a one-day free trial just to see if you like it.

Wright has already heard plenty of positive feedback during his first month on the job.

“The testimonials, they are heart-touching, because you become a part of their family and you become a part of their journey. It’s one thing you know to see it from the outside but when you become a part of someone’s family, and they become a part of yours it’s like you are a partner in your lifelong journey,” Wright said.

Bedford says overall his experience has been great and encourages others to give them a chance.

“I would tell them if they were coming here to come on because we got good people. Emily, the nurse, always makes sure that I get my 12 o’clock medication like she did. And I would tell them come on because we got good people,” said Bedford.