How to prevent mosquitos from ruining your summer

WALB’s Jim Wallace spoke to a local official on some easy tips to stop those pesky mosquitos from invading your space.
Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 10:09 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - As summer begins and more people enjoy outdoor activities, disease-carrying mosquitos are also around. But how do you stop the pesky bugs from ruining your plans? WALB’s Jim Wallace spoke to a local official on some easy tips to stop pests from invading your space.

I know I have been seeing some mosquitoes early in the morning lately as the rains are starting to come back in the summertime, so should people have concerns about West Nile Virus right now?

“I wouldn’t have it have any concerns about West Nile now itself,” James Davis, environmental health director for the Dougherty County Health Department, said. “We’re kind of early into the season, but I think people should begin to take precautions and what I mean by taking precaution is making sure you don’t have anything in your yard holding water. Dumping anything that would be a mosquito breeding ground. Best thing that they can do anytime you’re taking a walk in the in the early morning or in the evening, make sure you have all long sleeve shirts and long pants because that limits target areas where mosquitoes can land on your bike. You know, things like that to protect yourself.”

A few years back, West Nile was a big health concern. It’s not as much today. Have we made advances? Do we just understand it better?

“No, actually, West Nile is one of those diseases that it comes and goes,” Davis said. “They don’t really have an answer, or how would I say, there’s no rhyme or reason. In 2012, Dougherty County led the state of Georgia with 12 cases. We’ve had six cases in 2018, and in between 0, so it just appears. Its here and then it’s not.”

That is very unusual and a topic of concern, I guess. And what should people do if they are seeing a lot of mosquitoes? Does Dougherty County still have a mosquito spraying program?

“Yes, Dougherty County still has a mosquito spraying program,” Davis said. “If you are detecting a high level of mosquitoes in your neighborhood, call Dougherty County Public Works. They will send someone out to spray. What you can also do is you can eliminate breeding habits. Like I said, old tires, metal cans in your yard, ceramic flower pots. Yeah, check your gutters. If your gutters are clogged when it rains, it’s going to hold water, perfectly perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Pool coversm stuff like that. Anything like that. Eliminate it from your yard and that will, you know, protecting yourself goes a long way. Excuse me, but removing the risk from your yard goes a long way toward protecting yourself.”