Significant milestone: Zoo welcomes new litter of endangered cheetah cubs

A zoo in Tyler, Texas, says it is thrilled to announce the birth of a litter of cheetah cubs. (Source: Caldwell Zoo via KLTV)
Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 6:12 PM EDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV/Gray News) - A zoo in Texas has welcomed a new litter of cheetah cubs.

According to the Caldwell Zoo, the cubs were born on May 31 to their mother named Orchid and father named Flap.

The cubs’ mother has been very attentive while nursing her new children, the zoo shared.

“Our team is happy to announce this news. We will give the young family everything they need to grow and thrive,” said Steve Marshall, CEO of the Caldwell Zoo.

The animal care team said it is extremely important to give the young family peace, quiet and privacy.

“We want Orchid to do the mothering. But sometimes first-time mothers don’t have the instincts they need to care for their offspring. In that case, we gather up the cubs and bottle raise them,” said Ricki, a member of the animal care team.

As a member of the Cheetah Breeding Coalition, the Caldwell Zoo said its team works closely with other accredited zoological organizations to responsibly breed the famously shy felines.

According to the animal care team, the cubs’ birth is a significant milestone for both the zoo and the conservation of the species.

“This isn’t just a big deal for the zoo,” said Kara, a member of the animal care team. “It’s a big deal for an endangered species. Every one of these cubs is precious.”

Cheetahs face numerous threats in the wild, including habitat loss and poaching. By participating in responsible breeding programs, the zoo team said they are actively contributing to the preservation of the animals.

When it comes to viewing the new cubs, patience is currently required. The animal care team said the young family will remain in a private area for a few weeks to allow them to bond.