75-year-old woman forced to use portable toilet weeks after possible hit-and-run damaged home

Published: May. 18, 2023 at 5:35 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A 75-year-old Savannah woman is rebuilding after she says a person crashed their car into her house and then drove off.

This happened earlier this month on Love Street leaving the woman without running water in her home.

Juanita Washington’s backyard is taken up by a portable toilet. She’s forced to use this after she says a person crashed a car into the side of her house and fled the scene, damaging a pipe and leaving the home without running water.

“My bathroom is located right there. And I saw all the water flowing all over everywhere,” Washington said.

Washington wasn’t home at the time, but a Savannah Police report says officers responded to Washington’s Love Street home around midday on May 3.

When they got there, they noticed a damaged corner of the house with a ruptured water line.

Orange debris from a vehicle hood was near the damaged corner. Police later determined the fleeing car was an orange 2005 Pontiac.

“It’s been really rough,” Washington said.

Ever since the crash, the 75-year-old said she’s had to spend nearly $160 for the portable toilet and buy gallon jugs of water.

“I just felt so bad on Mother’s Day. You don’t have the use of anything,” Washington said.

After the what’s being described as a hit and run, neighbors stepped up to help Washington buy water from the store.

“It’s due to no fault of her own. Whomever did it, rather than them staying at the scene and acknowledging what they did, and holding themselves accountable, they fled and left her home in disarray,” Washington’s friend, Adriana Cornelius said.

Even though police haven’t officially determined the cause of the crash, Washington hopes this serves as a reminder for drivers in the neighborhood to slow down.

“All this speeding up and down the street of Eagle Street. They’re just flying up and down the street,” Washington said.

Now as the 75-year-old stands among the tire marks in her yard, she’s hoping police find the driver responsible and that the water line will soon be fixed.