Albany police make arrests in March shooting of newlyweds

The youngest of those arrested is 15.
Published: May. 10, 2023 at 7:28 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - New arrests have been made in a shooting that WALB reported in March. A couple was shot at by six suspects, resulting in the death of the husband.

Antwan Penn, 35, and his wife, Courtney Penn, 32, were shot in what police are now calling a gang-related ambush.

It happened on the 1100 block of South Cleveland Street.

Antwan was killed in the shooting. His wife was shot in the head but survived.

“We soon realize that it was some type of gang-type issue involving the Penns. They weren’t involved in a gang,” Sgt. Lataevia Jackson said. “They were actually innocent bystanders coming from a family gathering and just got caught up in the crossfire.”

Nekhi Parks, 18, Montrez Nix, 17, Brian Massey Jr., 15, and Nicholas Collier, 15, were all arrested in connection to the shooting. Two brothers, Zaydren Thomas, 20, and Donnellius Thomas, 22, were also arrested.

“There was a previous incident that happened probably about 30 minutes to an hour before that where one of the gang member’s family member’s house had been shot up. And they were going out looking for those perpetrators,” Albany Police Sgt. Lataevia Jackson said. “In the process, Mr. Penn and Ms. Penn, they mistook their vehicle for some suspect vehicles and ended up shooting.”

All six suspects are being charged with murder, gang charges and other charges.

“There’s an increase in young people committing crimes. Gang crimes, gun crimes, theft, motor vehicle theft and murder,” Sgt. Darryl Jones, with APD’s Criminal Investigations, said.

“This particular gang we’ve been investigating by the gang unit, when I say, ‘we.’ We have made contact with several of them during different occasions where it’s motor vehicle thefts, or entering autos. And also, dealing with curfew violations and things of that nature,” Sgt. Horacio Paige, with APD’s Gang Unit, said.