Heroes Among Us: Lt. Chris Hutcherson

And although lieutenant and guardsman are full-time roles, Hutcherson is also a full-time dad.
Published: Apr. 27, 2023 at 10:49 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - National Guardsman, Albany police lieutenant and dad. Lt. Chris Hutcherson is a busy man.

It’s his drive, and passion for making a difference that makes him such a staple in Albany.

“I like being out in the public,” Hutcherson said. “I like serving. I like to make someone happy when I’m able to solve a crime or anything that’s happened to them. I like that feeling. In turn, I’ve learned how to deal with when they’re not going to be happy with me. Having to be the person who has to hold them accountable.”

The Valdosta native met his wife in Albany and has been serving the area ever since APD helped launch his career in law enforcement.

He’s been with APD for 14 years, and the National Guard for 17 years. He says the two roles, although a bit challenging to balance at times, go hand in hand.

“I would say my level of cultural awareness has exceeded what one would have had they just been here in Albany and never gone anywhere or joined the service,” Hutcherson said. “My biggest accomplishment would be just developing my cultural awareness and being able to deal with different groups of people.”

And although lieutenant and guardsman are full-time roles, Hutcherson is also a full-time dad.

“My children attract other children and other children get to see their father and look at their father as a person within the community, serving the community,” Hutcherson said. “And that makes them want to either become a police officer or do the right things. Or hang in an environment that makes them want to do the right things. So them being out here doing the right things makes them want to be on a better path.”

His piece of advice to those thinking of joining the service is simple:

“Go to school before going,” said Hutcherson. “Go to school, get your education, and if the military plays a part in assisting you in getting that education, then I can understand going for that purpose. But if you can go to school, get your education and convert while in college.”