Jackson Harris signs with Columbus State

Video from WALB
Published: Apr. 17, 2023 at 8:48 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - As we’ve seen over the past few months the talent here in South Georgia is deep. Another standout from down the street at Deerfield-Windsor, is furthering his academic and athletic career. Varsity basketball player of the year Jackson Harris is taking his talents to Columbus State. Harris was a pivotal piece to the Knights season. This special moment is something he just can’t quite explain.

“It just means so much, I’ve worked so hard and many people pushed me, it just means a lot. More than words can describe,” said Harris.

Coach Rundy Foster said, “His hard work that he’s put in, he’s the epitome of hard work. He does what he’s supposed to, he’s kind of like a coaches dream, he’s a coach on the floor.”

Assistant coach Conley short added, “I always tell these kids input reflects output. Whatever you put into it is what the game will give back to you. Jackson was one of those kids, you didn’t have to ask him. With any kid if they are asking you to get in the gym and get after it you have to make it available and give them their opportunity. He took every opportunity he could, the epitome of hard work and getting what you want. Him being able to do that is a testament to who he is as a man.”

For Harris and his family this moment means more than just playing at the next level, his father Brad Harris said, “It’s hard to put in words man, very humbling to realize you fast-forward twenty something years and my son’s going where I went, very proud of him. Hard work and just the life skills he’ll gain from playing college sports, it’s hard to explain, but I’m proud of him.”

Harris is excited to be a cougar saying, “It feels great for me to go somewhere my dad played, for him to constantly push me and have him in my corner and my mom too. Even my grandparents they’re always here sitting over there in the bleachers, same spot, it just means a lot.”