Wild Adventures cuts the ribbon on its newest addition to the theme park

New attraction premiers at Wild Adventures
Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 9:51 PM EDT
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - In late 2022, Wild Adventures broke ground for another park expansion. Now, the park is welcoming people to come and enjoy its newest edition: Oasis Outpost.

Wild Adventures has three new acres full of fun and relaxation for people to get out, explore and enjoy. More family rides, more food and more animal encounters.

“Our guest expects something from us year after year. And part of our business is we’re never done. We’re never done expanding, we’re never done improving, we’re never done growing this property,” Jon Vigue, vice president of Wild Adventures, said.

One mother who attended the park on Tuesday says she’s happy to have a three-in-one theme park that her child can enjoy close to home.

“I love bringing my child to Wild Adventures. We have a great time, and they always surprise us with something new,” Jamae Amis, mother and park customer, said. “Vinnie gets so excited when I tell him we’re going to Wild Adventures. The whole car ride he can’t stop asking if we’re there yet. And when we enter, he’s so excited to see all the new animals that they have.”

Jamae Amis is a mother who always brings her son to Wild Adventures. She says it's music to her...
Jamae Amis is a mother who always brings her son to Wild Adventures. She says it's music to her sons ears every time he hears he's going to Wild Adventures.(Source: WALB)

Wild Adventures did a study on the economic impact they bring to Valdosta and Lowndes County. They say between park tickets, filling hotels, people visiting restaurants and gas stations; they bring about $80 million to this community. Something leaders say is pivotal to this community.

“We’re extremely proud of the fact that Wild Adventures is located here in our community,” Bill Slaughter, chairman of Lowndes County Commission, said.

“It puts us on the map. Everybody knows where Valdosta is because they visited Wild Adventures, truly,” Valdosta Mayor Scott James Matheson said.

Almost every year, Wild Adventures expands and brings something new for their guests to enjoy at their theme park. Wild Adventures says Oasis Outpost is not the only new thing Wild Adventures has to offer for 2023.

Wild Adventures will be participating in a multiphase, multimillion-dollar expansion during 2023 and 2024.

“I think Vinnie’s favorite part has to be all of the animals and the rides. I think it’s really hard for him to choose,” Amis said.

Starting November 2023, Christmas is getting merrier at Wild Adventures. In summer of 2024, they’ll break ground on a new campground.

“This year, Wild Adventures Christmas gets much brighter, and merrier. Spreading cheer across the entire park with new festive attractions, festive entertainment, and holiday culinary delights debuting this November,” Vigue said. “2024, the adventure gets bigger. When Wild Adventures provides families with a one-of-a-kind way to sleep under the stars and next to the animals at the brand new seven-acre campground adjacent to the theme park.”

Vice President, Jon Vigue, says Wild Adventures is steadily working behind doors planning...
Vice President, Jon Vigue, says Wild Adventures is steadily working behind doors planning what's next.(Source: WALB)

Wild Adventures and leaders in this community say the economic impact these future projects will bring — is a total game changer for this region.

“I think it’s unmeasurable. It’s kind of like saying what’s the interstate brings to your community,” Matheson said. “You can’t put a number to it. You can with Moody Air Force Base, you can with the university, you can even with SGMC’s impact on our community, but you cannot put one with Wild Adventures Theme Park. Not that number of people, not how long they stay. It’s tough to track, other than they’re actual numbers in the gate.”

Wild Adventures says they aim to constantly invest, to improve their guest’s experience. This new multimillion-dollar expansion is the latest of a long line of investments the park has made in the past several years.