Sen. Ossoff helps secure funding for weather-impacted housing in Albany

Sen. Ossoff helps secure funding for weather-impacted housing in Albany
Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 9:20 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff recently help secured $5 million to build back affordable housing in Albany and Dougherty County. This comes after several units were impacted by past storms.

WALB went on location to where the new affordable homes in Albany and Dougherty County will be built. The funds will also help renovate homes in the county.

Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard witnessed the damage from the previous storms and says the new construction fulfills a desperate need.

“To see houses coming back is certainly a great relief. Because this area, and especially the eastside and the southside, is an area that has sort of been underserved in the city and the county,” Albany City Commissioner for Ward 1, Jon Howard said.

“So many folks in and around Albany are struggling with rent and the lack of access to affordable housing. Hurricanes, tornadoes have worsened the issues across South Georgia by destroying affordable housing. That’s why I’ve prioritized expanding the supply of affordable housing for folks in Albany,” said Senator Ossoff said.

These new funds are aimed at helping residents transition from renting to home-owning. That’s because the rent will be lower in the affordable housing, and tenants can save more towards a future home.

“We certainly have a housing shortage in this city and county. This money has been allocated to this city, and to help individuals get out of rent a home and into homeownership. So it can only be a plus-plus for the near future for those that will be transitioning from renter to homeowner,” Howard said.

Residents in Albany will soon be able to make improvements to their homes, as these funds will make it easier to manage project costs.

Part of the new resources will include renovating old Marine Corp homes that will have three bedrooms with a bath and a half bath. There are a total of 250 units to be renovated, but with these funds, Ossoff hopes to complete at least half.

“I’m teaming up with the Mt. Olive Community Outreach Center who are leading this project. I’m delivering federal support with Republican and Democrat support in the U.S. Senate. I built bipartisan consensus to pass this into law. And this should create nearly 100 affordable housing units for Dougherty County residents,” Ossoff said.

Residents that have been impacted by tornadoes and hurricane Michael will soon be relieved that payments will be tailored for those with low income.

Currently, the rate for rent right now is $650 a month, that’s before these funds will start to kick in.

“The purpose of this project is to expand the supply of homes that are specifically for low-income renters,” Ossoff said.

The funds from Ossoff will also fund affordable housing units in other parts of the county.