Recent study suggests UV nail lamps increase cancer risk, experts weigh in

Recent study suggests UV nail lamps increase cancer risk, experts weigh in
Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 4:40 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – A recent study suggests that UV nail lamps could increase the risk of cancer. But many experts have since downplayed the health risks.

Nature Communications recently found that long-term use of UV nail polish lamps could cause damage, and even increase your risk of cancer.

But some dermatologists have stated the UV risk is moderate, far lower than tanning devices.

UV nail curing lamps are table-top size units used to dry acrylic or gel nails. Researchers say chronic use can damage DNA and cause cell mutations that could increase the risk of skin cancer.

The lamps are often found at nail salons but can also be purchased online.

It’s still unclear though how much exposure can present a danger.

Dr. Chris Adigun is a dermatologist in Chapel Hill, N.C.

“That radiation of UVA causes damage to the skin cells and that causes aging to the skin and increases our risk of skin cancer,” Adigun said. “How much of that UV exposure that’s needed from these nail lamps? That we have yet to discover.”

This week, WALB News 10 went to four different Albany stores to see if they were selling UV nail lamps. Target and Ulta had them cleared off the shelf. Five Below had a nail fan but not a lamp and Walmart still had them on the shelves.

If you still want to look “polished,” the FDA says to follow all labeled directions and pay close attention to any warning statements.

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