Ravens WR Rashod Bateman receives key to city of Tifton & his own sign

Video from WALB
Published: Feb. 23, 2023 at 2:18 PM EST
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TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - South Georgia don’t you live to see one of your own thrive at the next level and end up in league? The community is appreciative when they come back to their roots to meet & greet with the community. A legendary blue devil did that in the friendly city

“So I encourage all of you to keep doing what y’all are doing and follow your dreams. No matter what I do, I will continue to put the city on my back and represent” said Rashod Bateman.

That’s exactly why the friendly city awarded Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Rashod Bateman the key to the city and this sign that you will see when you enter the city of Tifton.

Bateman came out and signed autographs and took pictures with the community.

This was something he envisioned throughout his childhood.

“Yeah because we didn’t have nobody to do it. Nobody did it. These kids needed somebody to look up to because I know I needed somebody to look up to as well. Somebody had to set the path and I said ‘why not me’ So I went and did it” said Rashod Bateman.

It’s only fitting that the event was held at a center that tied to Rashod.

His mother detailed that and how she knew he was a star in the making.

“Anthony Bateman was Rashod’s uncle. They were very close and he coached him in football and basketball and I’m glad we’re honoring him here. I saw this when I was raising my son because like I said he loves to play football, we played catch out in the yard. He used to always tell me ‘mama I’m going to the NFL’ and he’s there” said Lashonda Cromer.

Obviously everybody wanted to meet Rashod Saturday, but the focal point in Rashod’s return was to meet and greet with youth.

A kid by the name of Landon Taylor believes he’s just as fast Rashod, and he hopes to be in his position one day.

“I look up to Rashod Bateman because he’s been my inspiration for years and he’s just a great football player. He takes good care of the community” said Taylor.

Rashod has some advice for kids like Landon.

“I would just say keep going . Don’t look at social media, don’t look at what this or that person telling you. You just have to stick to your script and you have to follow your dreams. Because nobody, no matter who it is, they can’t pick your life for you. So you have to find that path and stick to it” said Rashod Bateman.

Rashod has done it all. He’s won a state championship in basketball, all state as a blue devil, set records a freshman and sophomore at the university of Minnesota, and the first Blue devil to be selected in the first round of the NFL draft.

Is it safe to say Rashod Bateman is the face of the Tifton?

“I’m not cocky or a cocky person at all but the facts are the facts. I’m just humble and blessed to be here. That’s why I always have my boys around me because it ain’t just me that got here, and I’ll never forget the people that got me here” said Rashod Bateman.