Monroe Cheerleaders go Viral

Video from WALB
Published: Feb. 17, 2023 at 3:57 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -If you open Tiktok and search “calling all of the steppers to the front,” the most liked video you will see is this one of the Monroe Cheerleading team.

The Golden Tornadoes have gone viral for their walk in routine to the song Steppers by Yo Gotti.

This is something that the team’s head coach says she didn’t see coming.

“I was on my Tiktok and Instagram in shock. I had no idea that was going to go viral and the fact that thousands of people have done that challenge. More than thousands I think over 40,000 people have done that challenge is mind blowing.”

On Tiktok the dance has gained over 2.6 million views and has become known as the MC Steppers Challenge. Not only cheerleading squads but individuals all over the country are now doing the viral routine. Many of the cheerleaders had a similar reaction to Coach Williams when they saw the video blow up.

“Wow it’s like mind blowing and it was amazing,” said De’Asia Green.

This is not the only video that has gone viral for the stomp and shake team. Many of their routines have grown popular on social media gaining them over 110,000 followers on Instagram and millions of views on Tiktok.

While Coach Williams is the mastermind behind the social media she says coming up with these cheers is a team effort.

“Sometimes I put in group me and say hey I need y’all to come up with something new in practice or we might come to practice and say let’s break off into four different groups come up with an 8 count. Or come up with a cheer and we’ll put it all together to see who has what.”

For the team’s captain Denver Johnson, seeing the routines she’s had a hand in all over social media means just a little bit more to her.

“When I was little I used to stalk Monroe cheer page. Like literally everyday my mom and my sister would tell me I would be the captain and it actually came true.”

Whether you see the Monroe Cheerleaders, on Tiktok, Instagram or cheering the Golden Tornadoes to victory, one thing’s for sure you can always count on them to bring the heat!