Tifton middle school students win across the board at the Future Business Leadership Conference

Tifton middle schoolers receive FBLA awards
Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 9:06 PM EST
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TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - Students at Eighth Street Middle School in Tifton were in the winning business, while also learning more about business through the National Future Business Leaders of America Leadership (FBLA) Conference.

57 students from the school competed in 24 different events. Out of those students, there were twenty-two first-place finishes, fifteen second-place finishes, ten third-place finishes, five fourth-placed finishes, and six fifth-place finishes.

The students are under the leadership of their teacher, Ms. Laurell Mullen. She says the skills they learn will help them to become better employees, better students, better communicators and better members of teams. Students say their teacher, uses a hands-on approach and is always helpful during practice.

“Mullen, she’s always there for people and she’s like really kind and nice she also knows how to roll with it” students said.

FBLA brings business and education together to help students with leadership and career development. Students learn confidence building, public speaking, business marketing, and even some math skills. Those skills are then taken to compete against other students around Georgia.

Now students are moving on to prepare for the state competition in February.

Below, is the list of this year’s winners from Eighth Street Middle School. Congratulations from WALB!

First Place

  • Olivia Davis – Business Concepts
  • James Fresh and Reid Tubbs – Business Ethics
  • Allie Hyde – Business Etiquette
  • Max Nelson – Business Math
  • Allie Hyde – Career Exploration
  • Kaitlynn Fields and German Meza – Critical Thinking
  • Krish Patel – Digital Citizenship
  • Chloe Brown – Elevator Speech
  • Madison Schwartz – Exploring Economics
  • Max Nelson – Exploring Technology
  • Lillian Van Brackle – FBLA Concepts
  • Reid Tubbs – FBLA Mission and Pledge
  • Krish Patel – Financial Literacy
  • Mazie Werner– Interpersonal Communication
  • James Fresh – Introduction to Business Communication
  • Maliah Walton – Leadership
  • Hannah Fallin – Learning Strategies
  • Arabella Whittington – Marketing Concepts
  • Riya Naikare – Marketing Mix Challenge
  • Avery Weaver – Public Speaking
  • Jayda Harrell – Running an Effective Meeting
  • Kaitlyn Merrill – Social Media Concepts

Second Place

  • Taylor Donaldson – Business Concepts
  • Leah McMurphy – Business Etiquette
  • Christian White – Business Math
  • Christian Dennis – Career Exploration
  • Krithik Rajanikanth – Exploring Computer Science
  • Bo Bryant – Exploring Economics
  • Jordy Perez – Exploring Technology
  • Braylee Lamb – FBLA Concepts
  • Jordy Perez – Financial Literacy
  • Maliah Walton – Introduction to Business Communication
  • Breiley Kleine – Leadership
  • Josiah Johnson – Learning Strategies
  • Jaxon Tull – Marketing Concepts
  • Olivia Davis – Microsoft Office Concepts
  • Miyah Griffin – Social Media Concepts

Third Place

  • Aldyn Lightsey – Business Math
  • Breiley Kleine – Career Exploration
  • Bryce Rutland – Digital Citizenship
  • Leah McMurphy – Exploring Economics
  • Zeel Patel – Exploring Technology
  • Nairobi Graham – FBLA Concepts
  • Mya Alejo – Financial Literacy
  • Bailey Sexton – Leadership
  • Lyra Edwards – Microsoft Office Concepts
  • Hunter McCrary – Social Media Concepts

Fourth Place

  • Bryce Rutland – Business Etiquette
  • Kazmir Lester – Business Math
  • Mya Alejo – Exploring Technology
  • Dylan Moyer – FBLA Concepts
  • Braylee Lamb - Leadership

Fifth Place

  • Christian Dennis – Business Etiquette
  • Addison Baker – Business Math
  • Bailey Sexton – Career Exploration
  • Zeel Patel – Exploring Computer Science
  • Laney Braswell – FBLA Concepts
  • Miyah Griffin – Leadership