Albany hosts first Black History Month scavenger hunt

Leaders of Visit Albany want people to know that it takes the whole community working together to execute an idea that highlights Albany's rich history.
Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 6:45 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Happening now across Albany, a scavenger hunt is underway, highlighting the rich Civil Rights history here in the Good Life City.

Right here are the very same steps that leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King walked to create change right here in Southwest Georgia for everyone.

“I was thrilled when I moved to Albany back in June. I lived an hour and a half away and didn’t know there was so much in town that highlighted Black history. It’s probably one of my favorite parts about moving to this town. One of the main things I like to talk about when I go home or have people in town visiting,” Kiersten Rome, group tour marketing manager, said.

You can find the scavenger hunt flyers posted around town where there is a QR code you can scan. Once you have found the QR code it will take less than a week to complete and can be completed throughout the month.

Leaders of Visit Albany want people to know that it takes the whole community working together to execute an idea that highlights the rich history that’s instilled in Albany.

“We had to do a lot of research talking with our community members, and people who were a part of the Civil Rights Movement, but people who also had some great history of some of the local churches here,” Rashelle Minix, executive director of Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau, said.

Organizers of the first-ever Black History Month scavenger hunt were largely driven by the success of a previous scavenger hunt that they put on in 2022. They wanted to create a unique way to celebrate Black History Month.

“Last year, we started with a ‘We Love ABY Scavenger Hunt’ (#ILOVEABY). We wanted to promote our community and really give the people the opportunity to really see all the great things Albany has to offer. Even discover things they didn’t even know about,” said Minix.

People can participate now, and you must take a photo at each clue you find and tag Visit Albany on social media for points.

A new scavenger hunt here in Albany presents a learning opportunity for those looking to learn about Black history.

This 25-clue list is just a fraction of where we came from, and where we are headed. This is an ongoing list but gives you a sneak peek at Albany’s lush Civil Rights history.

“To me, it’s the change from within. Whether we see change in the community, I feel like we as a people; once we be the change, things that we want to see we start doing, and then we start seeing change evolve,” Kawambee Dorsey, co-owner of The Show Room, said.

WALB spoke with one of the Black business owners participating in the city’s scavenger hunt. She says she is glad that there have been efforts to uplift Black history.

“But this that highlights the Black History in this city really was phenomenal for me. Because I have friends that are not from Albany, and I get a chance to get them in a group and go on this scavenger hunt and learn. I’m going to learn something, I’m sure I don’t know everything that’s here, but I get to learn as well as showing them,” Dorsey said.

So far, the community in and around Albany has responded well to the challenge.

“Since this scavenger hunt has gone out, I’ve seen the community get excited about it. I have several people who have already reached out asking about the logistics of the scavenger hunt and how many people can be on a team. I want to tell you that can do this by yourself or with a team of ten. As long as you get out and do it and learn something is our goal,” Rome said.

City leaders hope to continue this tradition every February. For more information on the scavenger hunt, click here.