Quinn Gray introduced as new head football coach at Albany State

Video from WALB
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 12:56 AM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A new era of Albany State football is here. Quinn Gray not only brings a certain level of experience but a mindset that will resonate with the passionate Golden Rams community. A simple message he asks of his players and all the ASU supporters.

“I need you all to be all in. I’m not just talking about all in financially, I’m talking about all in with support, all in for these student-athletes and all in for Albany State...to put meaning to it for me was the tremendous thing about that mantra right so...the attitude, the little things, the love, intelligence, and the now. You can apply it not only to football but to everything in life that you come across, it stuck with me and for me it was just as a head coach when you’re giving back, it’s something you give back to your young men and hopefully it will stick with them,” said Gray.

Perhaps the most important letter in that Mantra is that last “L.”

Gray talked about the love, “I was hired about three weeks ago, but the love that this community has shown myself, my family and these student-athletes have been tremendous. We’ve had two recruiting weekends, this past weekend and the weekend before and the love our community, Pat has shown to our student athletes, our future student athletes has been tremendous. That’s one of the reasons five out of the six student athletes this past weekend committed to Albany State. With that, the love component, you know you sometimes joke around with it. A 43-year old middle aged black man saying he loves somebody, especially to a man can be taken the wrong way sometimes, but they are going to hear that more from me than they’ve heard it from anybody in their life.”

A strong message from Gray and he left with one more, making it clear what his goal is.

“With that being said I do appreciate you all showing up, I appreciate you all being here and I look forward to having you all here in this same room after we win a National Championship and we are looking at rings.”