Valdosta veteran, mother of 9 facing near homelessness; other veterans also in need

Valdosta veteran, mother of 9 facing homelessness
Published: Jan. 6, 2023 at 9:55 PM EST
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Homelessness shows no mercy. Not for people who’ve served their country, or for single mothers with multiple children. A non-profit, made of five service programs aimed at meeting the needs of the vulnerable in crisis, wants the community to know they’re here to help.

Helping people move from being in crisis and vulnerable to safe, stable, and thriving, is what 90 Works is working on in South Georgia, North Florida, and southeast Alabama region to do.

One mother of nine who got out of the service in 2006 tells WALB she doesn’t feel comfortable telling her full story on camera because it’s just that bad. But if she doesn’t receive help soon, she may lose it all.

“I still have seven at home. My oldest at home is 14 and my youngest is two. And right now, with all the things that’s been happening, I actually have a cut-off notice for like everything. So, my rent is kind of behind, I have a cut-off notice for electric, and water,” Preciosa Williams, a veteran mother of nine, said.

Preciosa Williams is a veteran who is experiencing some hardships. She says she's happy she got...
Preciosa Williams is a veteran who is experiencing some hardships. She says she's happy she got in touch with 90 Works.(Source: WALB)

90 Works says anyone can be impacted by homelessness, not just veterans. However, veterans do have additional barriers they face once discharged.

Williams says she’s trying everything she can. She never thought she and her children would end up here.

“Knowing that they actually want to help people in the community, and they have funding. You know I was telling her how big my electric bill was, and she said ‘oh that’s no big deal.’ And I’m just like having them here to help me is — it’s like ‘ok I think I can think now’.”

90 Works says the resources they are able to provide to the veterans in this community are a very big deal. For some, it’s life-changing.

“For any veterans out there that are in need of any housing stability, please reach out to 90 Works. We can get a screener out to you. You don’t have to come into the office, we’re able to meet you where you are to get you screened for services to see if we could provide any type of assistance to you,” Akunna Bryant, director of 90 Works in Georgia, said.

Williams has made a GoFundMe to help her buy her and her children a home. She says it is her dream to be able to bless them with such.

“When I found myself in this situation with the emergency stuff, I actually called here and I just asked a question, and she was so nice. She said don’t worry about anything. If you get so far behind, just give us a callback. Just being able to sit with the lady and tell her my story. She listened to my whole problem. I appreciate 90 works and I’m so grateful they’re here,” Williams said.

90 Works says they focus on housing, transportation, health, safety, and support.

“Our mission at 90 Works is to overcome homelessness, poverty, and family violence, by becoming self-sufficient. We are working together with our veterans to create goals while identifying barriers,” Bryant said.

90 Works serves 52 counties. They say if there are any veterans in need of housing stability, or experiencing any crisis, reach out to them. Don’t struggle alone.

If you would like to help support Williams and her family, click here.