Heroes Among Us: HM2 John Floyd

John Floyd is an Albany native who carries a piece of home with him everywhere he goes
Heroes Among Us: HM2 John Floyd
Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 10:22 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - HM2 John Floyd is a Hospital Corpsman currently serving in the United States Navy in San Diego, California. He went to Westover Comprehensive High School in Albany.

Floyd’s mother, Dolores, said he read to some of the students at Albany’s Alice Coachman Elementary School while visiting home.

“My definition of home is where the family is,” Floyd said. “I could honestly say it’s any given place, but it’s definitely where the family comes together. That’s what I consider home.”

“We’ve been literally East Coast, West Coast, back and forth,” said Floyd. “We really haven’t really been at any single place for more than three years, I believe. So, yeah, we’ve been all over the place.”

Floyd has been in the United States Navy for 13 years.
Floyd has been in the United States Navy for 13 years.(WALB)

His biggest fan, better known as mom, traveled all the way from Albany to California to spend the holidays with her son.

“Just that he is just a nice son and he’s a family person, and family is everything because, in the end, that’s all we have is to treat people right and be good to your family,” said Minister Dr. Dolores Floyd.

“We’ve been trying her to get her to come out here as much as possible,” John Floyd said. “We have three kids. The youngest one is just well, she’s about to turn two, so we want to get as much family time in as possible. And, man, it’s awesome to see them all together. It’s awesome to have the family together.”

Floyd says home can come in different shapes and forms, but there are always lessons to be learned along the way.

“The biggest thing for me is understanding people as a whole,” John Floyd said. “They come into the Navy career as easy to just hone in, focus on your craft, focus on yourself, your family. But my greatest drives for success have come from actually the people I work with, and we accomplish things together. So definitely, understanding people and figuring out what makes people get motivated to work and do the things you’re doing and working around you and aspiring to greatness together.”