Tifton enforcing additional safety measures at Fulwood Park after shooting incident

Tifton police increasing patrols at Fulwood Park of shooting incident
Published: Dec. 16, 2022 at 5:03 PM EST
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TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - City officials in Tifton are increasing its safety measures at Fulwood Park due to a recent incident where two unknown men shot at a Tifton school teacher’s passenger side window.

The report explained the victim simply came to the park to walk her dog while on the phone with a friend. When the victim returned to her car, she told police that two unknown Hispanic males approached the car, one on the driver’s side and the other on the passenger.

The report states the suspects signaled the victim to roll the window down, and as the victim reversed the car to leave, a gunshot was fired in the victim’s passenger side window. The victim was not injured but the report says she did have damages to her jacket along with the driver seat where her left shoulder would be.

The suspects were described to be around 20 years old, both with dark or black hair.

City leaders say before the incident occurred, they had the ball rolling to increase the park’s safety with cameras and additional lighting. Tifton’s Police Chief, Steve Hyman, says their department will be increasing patrols. They plan to ride through the park at random, several times a day.

“We’re trying to come through at least twice an hour but, might not get through twice an hour it might be once. We want it to be done randomly so people can’t time us or figure out when we’re coming in and things like that,” Hyman said.

New safety features coming to Tifton's Fulwood Park

Fulwood Park is home to the annual Ribs and Rhythm festival, community gatherings and birthday parties. Several families said they go to the park several times a week. One resident says she has lived in Tifton her entire life. She says the park is her time to get fresh air, exercise and spend time with her children. She told WALB she feels safe doing all of these activities.

“We love coming to the festivals here, we love the Christmas lights. We love the park. Our kids come here. We live right down the road, so we get to come here on days we don’t have school and it gives something to do,” a Tifton resident said.

City leaders say they do not want this incident to stop residents from coming to the park. They say they feel the park is safe and are doing all they can to keep it that way. Sometime in early spring 2023 is when they predict the additional lighting and cameras will be placed throughout the park.