WATCH: Man dives overboard to save ring in proposal gone wrong

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 3:39 AM EST
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(CNN) - A “Titanic”-themed marriage proposal in Florida went a little overboard – literally – when the ring bounced off the boat and into the ocean.

Scott Clyne brought his intended, Suzie Tucker, to the bow to re-create that famous “Titanic” embrace while in a boat in Sarasota Bay on Florida’s Gulf Coast. But when he pulled the engagement ring in its box out of his pocket, it fell, bounced off the deck and went straight into the ocean.

Clyne lunged after it, going overboard himself, while Tucker couldn’t stop laughing after she got over the initial shock. He managed to fish the ring out of the water because the box was slow to sink.

Ring box once again in hand, Clyne climbed back aboard the ship, got down on bended knee and finished proposing, even though he was soaking wet.

Tucker said yes.

Her groom-to-be managed not to drop the ring a second time as he put it on her finger, and the two kissed.

“I cannot wait to marry my best friend, aka the smoothest guy around,” wrote Tucker on social media while showing off her new jewelry.

Clyne may not have felt so smooth in the immediate aftermath of the nearly-botched proposal, even after Tucker reassured him she loved him.

“How wrong could that have possible gone?” he asked in a TikTok video.

Fortunately, the engagement ring didn’t end up at the bottom of the ocean with the Titanic.