United Way partners with Lyft to give rides in Colquitt Co.

If you live in Colquitt County and need a ride, the United Way has you covered.
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 7:22 PM EST
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MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - If you live in Colquitt County and need a ride, the United Way has you covered. The organization is providing transportation to residents through a partnership with Lyft. Ride United is the first of its kind in the county.

There are three easy steps to ensure that if you need a ride, you will have access. First, download the app. Two, select your destination. Three, wait for your ride. Most residents say the average pick-up time is less than five minutes.

It’s important to know that these rides are for medical appointments, job interviews and other health-related services. You must request a ride service 24 hours in advance, and at least one rider must be over the age of 18.

“This year, we shot the statistics and 44.1% of home county residents only have one car or less than the home. Transportation access provides access to opportunities that would otherwise be missed,” AmeriCorps member and assistant of United Way Becky Giddens said.

Charlise Ewards has been with Lyft for three years and says she is happy to serve the community. She says most of her rides range from Albany, Sylvester, Tifton and other surrounding areas.

“If I’m like, taking people to different doctors’ appointments, I’ll wait for them and I bring them back. So, I probably do like four or five of those a day going out of town,” Lyft driver, Charlise Ewards said.

United Way partners with Lyft to give rides in Colquitt Co.

Darron Wesley has already been using this service often. He says others should use this, even those with their own cars. Because you never know what might happen.

“So if something were to happen to my vehicle, to just know it only takes nine to 10 minutes for the ride to show up and get me to where I need to be. I mean you can’t beat that. That’s a backup plan in a half,” Lyft user, Darron Wesley said.

This program has been hitting the road for three weeks now and has received over 38 requests for a ride. The service helps some parents get their kids to school.

Many families in South Georgia struggle without their transportation. But now, there’s a rideshare service strictly for people who need rides the most in Colquitt County.

Most residents have requested a ride for their medical needs whether it’s to and from the doctor’s office or to the grocery store. The best part is they come directly to you.

“My experience with All Directions has been excellent and has been a great asset to my children with getting them back and forth to school. Sometimes I’m running late in the morning and so I contact them for transportation services. They have also helped me when my car was towed to and from the shop, so it’s really a great asset to the community,” Lyft rider, Shavicka Brown said.

Tammie Cuff has used this service a few times, mostly for health services, and each time, she’s happy after each ride.

“Someone sent me a text, and I called the number it was United Way, and Caroline, she walked me through it. So, it was very easy. And my experience, the ride itself, was amazing the driver was excellent, personality a ten plus,” Lyft user, Tammie Cuff said.

One big thing for Cuff she likes is that the drivers take the time to wait for her; adding to the already positive feedback from other riders.

“They always say it’s quick. The service is very quick when they go to schedule a ride and they hear right back from Lyft and everything,” driver for All Directions with Lyft, Vickie Butts said.

This is a trial service until July 2023, pending requests and additional funding.